Best meal you’ve had

I suppose Alux in Playa Del Carmen was pretty memorable. Set inside an old cenote.

I can't remember if we had starters - it would normally be a given but I just can't think. Perhaps we didn't bother because of the monstrous main...

Basically surf n turf for two. Three cuts of steak, lobster, git wass shrimps, trimmings.

It was tremendous like. One of the steaks was arguably the best bit of steak I've ever had in me gob.

The lobster - having not tried it before, this was new for me. I've never been big on seafood but that holiday was probably the height of me exploration. It was nice, but I dinnar if I'd bother with it again. Don't think I was overly keen on the butter dip - dinnar if that's just 'cos Mexican's dint kna what they're dein with butter or not.

Good meal though overall. Not sure if it was me best though but a nice experience.


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Khao san street food is nice,thai street food as a whole is superb,i remember the coconut ice cream served in the shell at the bottom of khao san,and the pad thai stalls,loved it,my favourite was the banana pancakes in chon buri.

Is that just a steel drum it’s being cooked on .

the bloke with the cap on doesn’t look owa happy about you taking his picture 😆 his mate seemed happy like
the pictures he posted on his insta looked class mind, proper pink insides.
The ones on here
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Best Chinese - some restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco. Frig knas what it was called but seemed to be the anly place open. Was class.

Worst Chinese - some basement dump in Chinatown, New York, recommended by some bellend on here. Ya'd get better from Lovely's in Howton. Shite.