Best meal you’ve had

Currently got some beef short ribs in a red wine gravy bubbling in the slow cooker. With some mash and sprouts it is one of my favourite meals.


Heard great things about there yet still not made it. If eating out, would prefer Italian but really should get to this place. a favourite of Mike Ashley's I believe.
Aye it is, I go there often, I asked the lads in there about ashley a few times, they know I'm a sunderland lad. They never said anything about business discussions, but they did say ashley is a really good tipper and polite to them. You see the odd celeb coming in to collect a takeaway in there, they also put the prices up abit after ashley was photographed leaving there.


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Too close to call but the top 4

Curry at the Pipal Tree in Bristol. Astonishingly good.
Bread Meats Bread in Glasgow - Incredible Burgers
Viva Brazil - Meat overload
Passage to India in Crewe - Keep going back whenever I'm working up there.
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Duck in plum sauce served in a Castle in Spain. I don't know whether it was a combo of the heat, walking for ages before settling so starving or the fact I was probably a bit tipsy. It was 👌 though.


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Eating the freshest Seafood cooked over bbq coconut husks at Jimabaran Bay in Bali about twenty years ago.... close to home the Raby Hunt was utterly amazing... eating that food listening to Death in Vegas and Tunes from the nineties was for me a fab experience and one I will repeat as soon as opportunity allows


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Oh I’ve just remembered the sultan of Lancaster, had a salmon curry in there that was unreal. Apparently Alex Ferguson used to take the Man Utd lot for their Christmas do. Had a few pictures up of them


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Either chefs table at Raby Hunt
Or Villa Joya in Portugal which was class. The latter probably shades the first but it was interesting to be able to watch the work that the chefs team put in at RH.
When was it you are there? Theres a good chance I cooked/plated the salad dish.
When was it you are there? Theres a good chance I cooked/plated the salad dish.

Was black eye Friday December last year - group of 4 lads from Newcastle.

The winter salad dish was amazing as well for someone who's not far off a carnivore.

Hope you're career is going well mate.
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Most memorable I suppose was a famous restaurant in Modena, Osteria Franscecana - twice voted the best restaurant in the world according to the San Pellegrino awards. I find it difficult how a restaurant can be considered best in the world though, but there you go. Anyhow, it was certainly highly memorable and much of the food was fantastic. What I particularly liked about it it was not in the in the slightest bit stiff/snobby. found it very relaxed, had a a great laugh. Supposed to be going back in Easter but who knows if we can get over there. Asador Extebarri in the Basque Country was magic too. Not sure about my favourite in the UK but it would likely be an Italian. Just as happy to eat somewhere doing great pizzas, Italian or steaks as anywhere upmarket. A Neapolitan margherita pizza cannot be beaten when done well.


Restaurant in Wroclaw.

No menu, the Chef comes out and has a crack on with you to get to know your tastes. Then he products a bespoke 5 course meal for you.
Where or which was that place? I loved wroclaw when I went one Christmas. Had couple lovely meals there and really enjoyed it generally there

Hue Jorgan

My son was living and working in the Bahamas as a diving instructor, one day we went out in his rib dingy and caught two massive red snappers, we went back to the beach and cooked them in foil with butter and veg on a little fire, they were delicious