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  1. Chocolate Fireguard

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    Tom Jones had the best voice. In terms of power and longevity, Graham Bonnet. Here he is at age sixty eight.

  2. Guy Garvey
  3. Jimmer13

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    Lanza, Gilie, Caruso, Secombe, Pavarotti - Marty Pellow, George Michael
  4. Latka Gravas

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  5. Daffy

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    George Michael
  6. mux

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    What's funny about a factual statement?!
  7. Unreal range that lad
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  8. raindog

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    A coin toss

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  9. :eek:

  10. CollingwoodFTM

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    That bassist is much better than Roger Glover.

    Oh and my answer is Lemmy.
  11. Latka Gravas

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    Factual my arse, he’s a showman but he’s definitely not the best male vocalist.
  12. mux

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    Nobody with a wider vocal range than Freddie. He spanned rock n roll, classic rock, pop, dance and opera. Truly fantastic.
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  13. George Kaplan

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    Paul Rodgers
    Frank Sinatra
    Nat King Cole
    Todd Rundgren
    Otis Redding


    Gregory Porter has a very rich and warm vocal style. His albums are well worth a listen. Some good playing and impressively expressive singing on it. Well produced. OK if you don't like it. But he's got talent. And a hat.
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  14. Jack Wolforskin

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    I've also got talent and a hat, but I don't live in the fucka.
  15. Daylight

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    Morten Harket
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  16. George Kaplan

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    Good point, well made. You've convinced me that Gregory Porter is a shite singer.

    Market Harborough
  17. Wonderbra

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    Harry Nielson
  18. Proper gay icon to.
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  19. mickb2112

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    Two good and very different choices.

    How about this: Tom Jones and Solomon Burke making Robert Plant take third place :D

    For me Ronnie James Dio was always a big favourite especially in Rainbow. Also Steve Perry and Lou Gramm.
    Paul Rodgers and Glenn Hughes are probably two of the best who have kept their voices in great shape even today.
    Then I`d have to mention Solomon Burke, probably the best singer I have ever seen perform live and Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Levis Stubbs, Otis Redding from the Soul side and BB King, Freddie King and Howlin' Wolf from the Blues side and of course Elvis would have to be in there too.
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  20. Jim Morrison

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