Best Live Concert available on DVD

To continue with the Canadian theme:

Good taste mate.

I had the vhs for years, but it was realeased on dvd in 2011 and the sound quality was much better. The live recording was also included as a cd in the Bonfire boxset which sounded great as well. I think the sound quality might have been a vhs problem, unless they remastered it for the dvd/cd.
Will look into it - I have them both on the same bootleg mentioned above.


Central Defender
Rammstein - Volkaball ( live in Niemes )
Thin Lizzy - Dublin 1975
Journey - Live in Houston
Rainbow - Live in Munich 77
Kiss - Unplugged / Kissory vol 2
Gary Moore - Live in Montreaux 1990
Iron Maiden - Live after Death
Queen - Live in Montreal
RATM - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium
Springsteen - Live in New York City
Rush - 30
Styx - Return To Paradise