Best international match ever not involving England?


^^^This one was my first thought^^^^

And this was a classic, especially the Archie Gemmill goal, Holland v Scotland in the 1978 World Cup:

And this was fantastic, as much for John Motson's commentary for the Platini goal (from 4:25 on the vid). France v Portugal. 1984 Euros:

1954 Uruguay 7 Scotland 0
1962 England 9 Scotland 3 (but not allowed under the criteria of the post)
1975 Engalnd 5 Scotland 1 (ditto)
1993 Portugal 5 Scotland 0
1998 Morocco 3 Scotland 0
2004 Faroe Islands 2 Scotland 2 (local derby)
2004 Holland 6 Scotland 1
2012 USA 4 Scotland 0

bring on Jocksit


West Germany v Austria 1982 ... followed by the irony of Jimmy Hill saying they should both have been kicked out of the tournament.
Brazil v France in the 1986 world cup quarter final always sticks in my mind. I was only 10 years of age at the time, but knew I was watching something pretty special. It had everything.
I watched a friendly in Belize whilst there in the RAF either 1988 or 1989. It a national Brazil team but I don't remember it being a full strength team against Belize. Myself and other RAF guys made a flag (bedsheet and masking tape), 'Brazil, Brits on tour'. It was 1-0 to Brazil, dodgy pen, I recreated the pen at the front of the (only) stand much to the dislike of the locals. A guy threw a bicycle at me (he missed), good day out, few beers (hence the pen recreation).


Central Defender
Schmeichel was brilliant all game

One of my personal favorites is Denmark vs Nigeria, World cup 1998. And Denmark against Brazil was a fantastic match as well.
I’m a massive Denmark fan and those three are among my favourites. Yes we lost the game with Brazil but to see us outplay them at times was a great moment.