Best international match ever not involving England?

Germany Vs Brazil 2014.

The defeat was coming, and it arrived in a way to remember. Brilliant.
Always grew up with Brazil the team everyone thinks are the best, and usually are even when they don’t win they are just class to watch, but watching them implode in about 20minutes in a World Cup semifinal just had me sat back saying wow, and as much as I don’t like zee Germans they were fantastic and deserved to be clapped off by every person in that stadium


Romania 3-2 Argentina '94
France 4-3 Argentina last year
Portugal 1-0 Holland, just for the yellows, it was a total farce but enjoyable.
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Quite enjoyed Croatia celebrating in the Euro 2008 QF against Turkey with literally the last gasp goal and then what seemed an impossible task Turkey equalising with literally a second or two left.

Superb considering they had stopped us qualifying.

Latin Scout

Wasnt born when the famous Brazil Italy final took place. In my lifetime,
Bulgaria 2 Germany 1
Cameroon 2 v Colombia 1
France 4 Argentina 3
Ireland 1 Italy 0
We're all pretty epic
Turkey were quite exciting in 2000s and France are always interesting.


Just reading the title of this thread, first game that came to mind was Italy v Germany 2006. Good to see several others thinking the same. The final moments of the game were orgasmic, and this goal 😍