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  1. He's not as good as @Dodgy like.
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    No mate, way before you get to that street. It's on the same street as Morgan's, Marina Hotel etc ... Just much further down.
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    Wooky hollow 1 or wooky hollow 2?
  4. Secret Visage

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    Number 1.

    Woman who had it retired, 2 is still going.
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  5. Bear

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    4 nights for me and the lads in August 22-26th it’s a yearly piss up

    Love Benny me
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    There's another Wooky up by the Río Park Hotel.
  7. Never been but fancy a weekend away to see Blackpool in the sun. Is it just open during the summer? What's the best airport to fly into and a decent area to stay in?

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    Depends what you're looking for, really. I stay clear of the "Blackpool" part - or Jeremy Kyle Street, as I describe it on stage, unless I've got friends over, then I take them down there to see a couple of the better acts. It's actually nowt like Blackpool, mind.

    Open all year round but quiet in the winter. Bars in the old town are my preferred haunts in the spring and summer Sitting outside watching the world go by.
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  9. Ta. Airport?
  10. Secret Visage

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    Aye, WH2 been in the odd time when have stayed in the Rio.

    You been watching the Sunderland games with Shaun?

    Nothing like Blackpool :lol:

    New town / area around the square is lively, sea front is lovely, old town as @Dodgy says is great for a few good quality beers and some excellent food.

    Airport - Alicante.
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    Something for everyone in to meander down to the old town and go from bar to bar, glass of red always chilled and a single tapa can be as cheap as 1 euro ..sometimes having larger tapa..maybe octopus, anchovies tiny eels ,or oysters followed by Spanish Black pudding (Morcilla) or some excellent local jamon...or if you wanna get trashed with the lads see some comedy or go to a club then it's all there...light hearted entertainment all over
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    Start of august for me like never been before.

    Any canny water parks wouldnt mind going to one good hangover cure.

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    Benidorm Theme Park, fun and thrills at Terra Mitica

    Sure there's a water park too

    Nice early evening on the cliffs separating the beaches
    Artists and craft fairs stalls etc
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  17. Smogaluf not Magaluf...
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    Very true and I should have not got mixed up between the two
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