Being on Hold to a Call Centre

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Lexingtongue, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. S.S.R..

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    "You are in a queue."

    Aah, is that what it is? Here's me thinking I'd rang your call centre in the midst of some kind of prolonged jazz instrumental.
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  2. Fletch

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    It’s a sad sign of the times
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  3. safcforever

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    I don't know a single time I've gone through the automated and its resolved my issue. I've always ended up speaking to a human to get my issue resolved.

    What breaks me every time is, I type out my account number and phone number to then be put through to a human whos first question is "What's you account number?" :evil:

    I posted on here about my home insurance company when I tried to put a claim in. 40 minutes on hold. I hung up and went through the options as a new applicant. I was through within seconds. Motherfukers :lol:
  4. At least you eventually get through. I hate the ones that eventually end in the message "we're extremely busy at the moment and experiencing high call volumes, please try again later" and then cut off :confused:.
  5. Aituk7

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    Hey, don't accuse me of having feelings! Enjoy your weekend.
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  6. Two Scoops

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    When I worked at More Than I put a customer on hold so I could go look at a big spider that was on the wall in reception. To give the customer credit he was still on the line when I got back.
  7. The people who design these things have no common sense.

    I had to say reason for call to automated voice was " sim swap failure" . Auto voice says "you can sim swap online" um no, that's why I'm ringing you. In the end something like " my phone doesn't like parsnips" got me through to a human.
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  8. BRMC

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    I'm sure *#*# confuses most of the machines and chucks you through to the first available agent.
  9. During my time on the dole I spent many hours on the phone to DWP / HMRC like. My god, that music there has to be designed to give people anxiety attacks, ne wonder depression / anxiety is at an all time high within claimants!!! Every 15 seconds or so it would randomly cut off only to hear the same voice "you are still in the queue, we will answer your call as soon as an operator is available"...
  10. Ceverton

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    Still hear them till this day via ex workmates haha.

    A few call centre secrets
  11. Bishop Boy

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    They use the one they do as it is free due to copyright not applying to it anymore.
  12. It is effing terrible.
  13. Beery

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    most companies are driving to Digital now - don't think the younger generation actually ever speak to anyone on the phone.

    If any business cases include voice/telephony costs they are rejected straight away

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