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  1. Taking some photos of my mates fitness class tonight and want some advice if possible on the best settings to be using.

    Room won’t be very bright (will have spotlights in different colours to go along with the music etc) and obviously everyone will be in motion.

    Thanks in advace
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    Lads or lasses ?
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    What kind of flash do you have?
  4. It’s a Nikon D3400. Didn’t know there different kind of flashes ha!

    Took a load of a class at his previous place and a few of them turned out canny by luck. Still getting to grips with shutter speed, ISO etc..
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    To freeze motion, you need a fast shutter speed, or flash. Low light obviously makes a fast shutter speed harder to acheive.

    Either higher ISO or wider aperture (lower number) will let you have a faster shutter speed for any given light conditions.

    Wider aperture will give you a shorter depth of field ie less things will be in focus. Higher ISO will give you a poorer quality picture.

    Keep playing with the settings, adjusting one thing at a time and you will soon get the hang of it. With digital you can obviously check and see the results straight away.
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    Would you be allowed to post them on here so we can check them and give you feedback? ;)

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