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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Haway 501, May 21, 2019.

  1. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

    I'll be going in to Wembley as early as permitted and drinking in the 3 lions bar. No pissing about like last time. Good beer, scran, comfortable.
  2. bryc1

    bryc1 Striker

    Just emailed them marra that will dee me
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  3. Aldyyyy

    Aldyyyy Winger

    Never even knew they had an upstairs :lol:
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  4. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    Me neither and it was about the 10th time I'd been in.

    I went online and tried to book a table but it wouldn’t let me. I think they stop bookings when a big game is in town. So I emailed and they said OK for bookings upstairs. I walked in and asked how you get upstairs? It's on the left and towards the back. There's a side door but not sure if it was open?
  5. st joes lad

    st joes lad Striker

    Meeting mates in the double 6 pub outside Wembley, if it's too busy go to the shop next door and get some cans
  6. rocky

    rocky Striker

    Has the 8 year old passed his test?
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  7. Kid Galahad

    Kid Galahad Striker

    Anyone drinking around Euston station try the Euston Tap right outside it in one of the gatehouses, great range of different beers and nice and quirky with a little beer garden if it's warm, nice barmaids anarl if that is of any interest....
  8. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    Went there afterwards. 6 pound a pint in that shithole. Cheeky bastards. :lol:
  9. BDI

    BDI Winger

    her test *

    not yet, i was thinking about an week long course, but then again, she is a woman ;)
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  10. st joes lad

    st joes lad Striker

    You heard of a bar called the cock tavern near Euston station,what's that like

    KNGHTHOOD Striker

    Any idea how long it takes to walk from Wembley Park to the ground.
  12. 10 minutes. You walk out the station, down the steps and you're at the start of Wembley Way
  13. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    Not meant as a daft answer as I'm assuming you need to catch a train but it depends on the number of people on Wembley way. You could probably walk/jog it in a few minutes with a clear road but if you are stuck in the crowd you are restricted to their pace and the odd health and safety intervention from the stewards. We took an hour to walk up having a chat with people.
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  14. Kid Galahad

    Kid Galahad Striker

    I haven't, has it been newly erected? ;)

    KNGHTHOOD Striker

    Just that we hopped on a bus coming out of the Pompey game. Took about 90 minutes stuck in traffic. Was going to walk it.

    Ta, but that's Wembley tube station. Wembley Park is a bit further.
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  16. We parking in oakington or something, reet near Wembley. Get there for 11. Wheres good pub to get served easy with Sunderland there
  17. st joes lad

    st joes lad Striker

    Supposed to heading there on Saturday to watch the Scottish cup final
    I don't know London that well but we are staying near kings cross,is Euston far from there
  18. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Wee Phillie not doing owt this time?

    I would usually avoid him like the plague for home games but went along to the sports bar at Marylebone and enjoyed it. Was a laugh. Mind I was chemist again after 1 pint.
  19. Sorry mate, thought you meant Wembley Park Tube station.
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  20. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    Wembley Park tube station is the one at the end of Wembley way?

    so did I
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