Beehive 1970s

I meet up with Shef reglar, him & me had a man hug with Slosher queuing to get into the Charlton 1st game of season.
As GOM said, he is in France watching WWC, Nice last Sunda. He has booked for Portugal friendlies. Find him on here as @Parsoncross.
I’ve met up with FW a few times this last season ( sometimes with Shef) & got lifts here & there.
Seen Aussie at most away games as well.
I was a Beehive reglar, got lifts in their bus now & again. I was sometimes called Shef as well :lol::rolleyes:. Wakey by ones I knew well (inc Donk)

Gray Matter

Out of order
As are you for breaking the golden rule for this type of forum by providing the real names of folks - you also have history for doing this.

I'd be furious if someone outed me on here without asking my permission first, and so would you at a guess.

Paddy O'Dors


According to Tom, the names are as follows

top left to right ; Gunner, Unknown, The Bear, Cal B, Ray Fogie, Lamma, Unknown

Middle left to right ; Ben Cooney, Bertie O, Ben Gochea, Jessie, Anth Turner,

Bottom left to right ; Unknown, Hammy Dolan, Bob Smart/Slosher, Vinny Robson.

just put names to faces via Tommy L - maybe someone will know the UNKNOWNS ???
Anth Tuner a Pennywell lad?