Beehive 1970s

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  1. MadridMakem

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    seen a few posts from lads I used to hang about with. Just heard one, Sammy Smith died a couple of weeks ago R.I.P. Sammy. other lads were:-Gunner, Slosher, the Bear, Shick, Flanny, Nixon, Celtic, Sheff, Big Tom E, Jimmy Mack, Tarzan, Mole, Lamma, Armsy, Herbie Smith, Frankie Wheatley Beasie., Tommy Lynn, Joe and Norman Russel and many more. It would be nice to know how others are doing
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  2. MadridMakem

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    I was known as Charlie in those days
  3. hank williams

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    FW still kicking about

    I absolutely adore the bloke
  4. OohBaldyBally

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    There’s at least two of the lads post on here.
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  5. shaun61

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    Saw him outside ground at Fleetwood, looked fit as a butchers dog considering he must be 60 plus vat.

    Tom Lynn surprisingly doesn't post on here but he's fine and a grandad now.
    @Wakey ftm in Sussex will know about sheff

    You left out Billy Dimmock:D
    Still as daft as a brush.
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  6. The Voice Of Reason

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    Use to come in contact with Tom Lynn at work nice lad
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  7. shaun61

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    Are you Jimmy S.

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  8. Butcher's Coat

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    Happy days following the lads with the Beehive lads:cool:
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  9. molthemackem

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    The Russells lived next door to me Lass'es Ma's house on one side and me Aunt on the other, Joe and Norm are still kicking about and the sisters too... Used to work with Norm once at Seaham..and if I recall Joe and Norm's dad & mam were invited to our wedding. Joe snr and the uncles all sang at my wedding. Bear, me and him had some great scraps playing footing on a Sunday morning. Sammy , I never knew him one to one but we always seemed to be where ever SAFC was. Tommy again with football and the pubs canny lad and then he teamed uo with Brian Leng on the short lived magazine. (still have the copies somewhere..T Other names ,I will know , but have forgotten with the passage of time but your right, everyone knew everyone. The Beehive was a great boozer and the last watering hole memory before setting out on the train for Wembley all of those years ago... great times and great memories. Cheers for that.
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  10. Great days. Used to travel away with those lads. Few others not mentioned were Bob Ethridge (Eccles) who has sadly passed away now, Cal Brown and Geordie Davies, who had the best washed out double denim EVER!! :lol:
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  11. molthemackem

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    Geordie Davies, ........great lad.
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  12. Grumpy Old Man

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    Sheff's fine and well, and somewhere in Europe watching Scotland (both men and women).
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  13. shaun61

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    And Bertie Ostrowski {Tom Lynn asked me to mention this and a guy called Aussie}
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  14. Bertie definitely had a few historical Neanderthal genes in his dna like :lol:
  15. shaun61

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    Heaven help any team that "kicked off" with this lot:lol::lol:.
    The USAs top 20 most wanted would have been scared of them:lol:


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  16. shaun61

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  17. My that brings some memories back. Is that Gunner top far left? Bertie's hair man :lol:
  18. shaun61

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    According to Tom, the names are as follows

    top left to right ; Gunner, Unknown, The Bear, Cal B, Ray Fogie, Lamma, Unknown

    Middle left to right ; Ben Cooney, Bertie O, Ben Gochea, Jessie, Anth Turner,

    Bottom left to right ; Unknown, Hammy Dolan, Bob Smart/Slosher, Vinny Robson.

    just put names to faces via Tommy L - maybe someone will know the UNKNOWNS ???
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  19. Know them all mate. Great set of lads.
  20. shaun61

    shaun61 Striker

    Who are the unknowns ?
    Are you Alfie B btw?

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