Beard Meats Food…

Seen a vid where he says he gets annoyed and frustrated with people always asking how he's not a bloater. He explains it rather simply and honestly. Basically eats next to now on days he's not eating so ends up still taking on sane calories over a week (he's a bit of a gym head too). Reckons he needs 3,000 a day to break even over a week and makes sure he does that even if that means starving himself some days on a week hrs partaken in a challenge.
Fingers down the back of the throat more like.
He should just be honest about making himself vomit afterwards.

Maybe he could do a few YouTube videos about that.

Or if he is keeping the food down maybe he could make a video about the massive shit he does the next day, maybe we could ‘rate’ that.

Beard Meats winnets.