Beard Meats Food…

around 15,000 calories in total, he smashes his way through it in 45 minutes

That particular kind of 'challenge' has to take its toll no matter what you eat the rest of the week surely? your liver & pancreas are going to be screaming out

I wouldn't be surprised if some of them inject insulin. Some take grehlin stimulating medication prior to delay the feeling of fullness and many purge afterward to avoid actually fully digesting the food.

Pretty grim tbh. But I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are still healthier than fatties who are just eating a little bit too much most days but are chronically at a high body fat.
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Eating with a knife and fork is fine dining?

Fair enough with wings or burgers but a full English with your hands?
He'd not beat the challenge mate. Which is the point. I'd be unsettled if he sat down and ate that way outside of kite busting challenges mind.
He's starting to slow down now. Can see him stopping in the next few years.
With a boat load of coin in the bank.
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Seen him and a few other of these competition eaters on Youtube bleating on about how it's areet for their health as they have their various ways to keep the weight off (mad fasting/intense exercise in between mass eating).

Absolutely no way most of them are living past 50/60 mind, their insides must be getting buggered regardless of how well they maintain weight. Must shirley be exposing themselves to serious future internal illnesses.

Even just 10/20 years of eating abnormal amounts of food in one sitting over a fairly consistent basis must be significantly damaging long term.
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Seen a vid where he says he gets annoyed and frustrated with people always asking how he's not a bloater. He explains it rather simply and honestly. Basically eats next to now on days he's not eating so ends up still taking on sane calories over a week (he's a bit of a gym head too). Reckons he needs 3,000 a day to break even over a week and makes sure he does that even if that means starving himself some days on a week hrs partaken in a challenge.
Exactly that. He's a very clever bloke and sensible with his overall diet. Not the "heartattack waiting to happen" that some people say.