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Beach Street waste disposal site, Deptford.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Carrville Mackem, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Carrville Mackem

    Carrville Mackem Midfield

    I'm helping a mate clear a house out in Herrington tomorrow. I will be using a Renault Traffic van. Will I be allowed into to tip at Deptford. I've heard that they are not to bothered about vans going in. The one in Durham is a right pain in the arse. They stop you going in with vans and trailers even if you have a permit.
    Anyone know what the set up is like. There's no mention of permits or restrictions on the website. Don't want to make a wasted trip if it can be helped.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hulkster

    Hulkster Striker

    Always loads of vans there whenever I've been like.
  3. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Was there last weekend and saw vans go in no bother. But I'd take some proof of address anyway just in case. Council tax or bill with address on or whatever.
  4. Carrville Mackem

    Carrville Mackem Midfield

    Might be a good idea as the van will be emblazoned with "Durham Foods" :lol:

    Thanks all.
  5. mikem

    mikem Winger

    Should be ok if they can see that it's domestic waste.
  6. Deano_Pacino

    Deano_Pacino Central Defender

    Always seem to give me da grief when he goes in with his Merc van, maybe it's cos he's a disagreeable owld sod like :lol: all depends on who's manning the gun tower on the day marra, some of the lads who work there are alright, some are utter fuckwits

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Just moved house and took loads of crap in berlingo couple of visits no problem,think theyre quite savvy with the repeat offenders....
  8. Manuel

    Manuel Winger

    Don't know about Beach street but a bit of scrap or and owld telly or something shiney often helps at our WTS
  9. The problem is for people who are operating businesses & self employed but using the domestic waste service. Which if your in the house-clearing business I guess you are? Should be fine until they clock you a few times in a short space of time though.
  10. Carrville Mackem

    Carrville Mackem Midfield

    Just got a lend of a van so I can help clear a house of a friend who brother died. With it being in Herrington, Sunderland tip is the best option. Like I said in a previous post, the tip in Durham is a nightmare. I was doing some building work on my own house and wanted to dump some old bathroom stuff. Nearly ended up twating the site manager as he was trying to tell me that my permit limited me to a 3foot trailer, not a 3 meter one :lol:
  11. TheDufferofStGeorge

    TheDufferofStGeorge Goalkeeper

    Just find a skip outside someones' house and fill it up...
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