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BBC: Why is heroin killing so many people?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Some Random Guy, Oct 11, 2017.


    HANDSOME_DAN Central Defender

    you missed my bullet point SRG
  2. I didn't miss it, it's as likely as sending them to live in the opium mines of Mars so didn't see the point.

    HANDSOME_DAN Central Defender

    no junkies no crime.
  4. There's a Bob Marley parody in there.
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    HANDSOME_DAN Central Defender

    go off topic if wish ;)

    night SRG
  6. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    If you're keen to save money, the electric chair is a pretty expensive way to go about offing someone
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  7. GK

    GK Striker Contributor

    It was a cottage industry anyway. Wasting police time so they, the police, just stopped arresting. Problem is, the criminal gangs are still involved. The only way to solve that is full legalisation.

    Hopefully we follow suit!

    I don't think youve been following Portugal. They treat drug addicts - all drug addicts - as medical rather than criminal cases. It's not just heroin.

    Yes you are!
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  8. Wylie Coyote

    Wylie Coyote Winger

    I don't know enough to tar so many of them with the same brush but I dare bet many of them either started on smack because of other problems in their lives that they couldn't deal with or they made a shit decision when they were younger because some of their mates did. I don't think people should be written off because of a mistake they made although they do have to want to get off heroin or it will never happen

    Some addicts do terrible things to get the money they need to keep on heroin but not all of them and I dare bet some of them would just be wronguns even if they weren't addicted but there will be a decent amount who want help but are stuck in the same vicious circle with the same people and struggle to get out of it

    I think it's easy to see any current 'models' we have in this country are not working so other things need to be at least tried to see if they can improve the situation. Especially if it could cost the taxpayers less than it already does

    What I often find with topics like this though is that people just see all addicts as degenerates who do not deserve anything other than punishment because they do not have enough information on the subject. All my opinion of course
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  9. Lonz

    Lonz Striker

    Can't remember the exact figure, but it costs millions to execute someone in the USA, so that's that one out the window.
  10. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    It does indeed. Cheaper to keep them alive.
    And, if I may dust off my regularly used comment for these situations - "If you kill 'em, they won't learn nothin"
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  11. GingerNick

    GingerNick Striker

    personally I would flood the market with a poisoned batch and get rid of the problem overnight

    but then I am complete bastard who isnt addicted to any drugs
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  12. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    Hopefully we don't imo. But yes, I suppose the Portugal model would be worth a trial if that is your desire, medicalizing drug use rather than criminalizing it...but that model is not full legalization.

    Again, a hard-line model would be good for me too if that is your wish. Singapore seems to be a pretty well run, tight ship.
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  13. ned_werby

    ned_werby Striker

    was just about to suggest the same. the deterrent of fear...........
  14. We also need people to pay respect to the subject, that most of those who are arguing for a different legal framework for the drug problem aren’t just arguing for it to be a free for all and then sit back while everyone has a Roman orgy. Changes to how we tackle drugs are part of a range of things we need to do to sort out a number of problems, and picking at one aspect so you can stick your lip out at the parts you find unpalatable is by every measure the worst response to a genuine attempt to discuss solutions to a major and far-reaching problem.
  15. Wylie Coyote

    Wylie Coyote Winger

    Some people didn't have much of a chance though, coming from broken homes with family members using and / or dealing, for a lot of people like that it's a question of when not if due to how they have been brought up and it's just rinse and repeat. We all heard the stories about smack when we were kids but lads more intelligent and street wise than me still tried it and effectively fucked up their lives forever or at least for a long time. The majority of them were good lads as well who just made a mistake or did it due to peer pressure

    They go to prison and can still use inside, come out and the dealers get hold of them straight away because they have nowhere else to go but their home towns. It seems to me it's a never ending cycle

    I don't know any of them anymore and I'd guess at least some will of done some bad things due to being on heroin but if there was a different avenue to go down then maybe they'd of sorted themselves out

    Like I said in an earlier post I don't know enough to say this is the answer or that is the answer but when something isn't working for a long period you need to try something else

    Agreed, good post mate
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  16. haway

    haway Striker

    You'd intentionally poison drugs so that people died who took them?

    Amazing: hopefully it'll be followed up by the government policy that every 1 in 20 vodka bottles contains hemlock, every 1 in 50 McDonald's burgers contains belladonna and every 1 in 100 cannabis buds is laced with cyanide.

    Great that people in the 21st century want to treat health problems with poison. What progress we've made since the dark ages. Well done humanity.
  17. ned_werby

    ned_werby Striker

    people who deliberately take harmful opioids and commit crimes to support those habits deserve it.
  18. Frijj

    Frijj Striker

    No they don’t. They really don’t. I speak as someone who has been a victim of a crime to fund a drug habit as well.

    They have health problems. They need treatment. They should be punished for crimes they commit yes, but they need help.
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  19. haway

    haway Striker

    So people who take drugs should be executed? What about alcohol?

    And just to clarify, you think people who shop lift should be executed? I've seen people make arguments for why murderers and child rapists should be killed but you're going to have to enlighten me on why shop lifters should be killed. Should we stone people who speed? Lop hands off for antisocial behaviour?
  20. Frijj

    Frijj Striker

    Yes to your final two points
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