BBC SPOTY nominees

Benchmark this year = winning nowt.

Mens Rugby World Cup team got to a final......... not a single nomination yet owen farrell was top point scorer in the competition.

Then perhaps he should have been in the mix, for being top point scorer alone, but you'd have to take that up with the judging panel.
It does seem odd how he's not in the mix though, I'll give you that.
And let’s be clear here - THEY HAVENT YET.

This isn’t the shortlist. It’s the odds.

Well that's somewhat important to the debate!
They couldn't have had a much kinder draw.

Because they earnt it with their ranking at the time of the draw.
Yes he would but those points generally come off the back of someone else doing well by scoring a try or winning a penalty. He did kick a couple of key drop goals but George Ford kicked three.

Harry Kane scores plenty pens as did Shearer..............

He still had to deliver and did with the boot