Bathroom Fitters


I've been trying to get a bathroom fitted for months without much luck. I understand people are busy but it's getting daft now.

To make matters worse I've smashed the rim of the toilet with the cistern lid (I'm a bellend I know) so now have no bog to use :lol:

I've bought a replacement and a sink and basically just in the meantime want the old ones pulling out and the new ones fitting. If someone can do the whole bathroom that would be great, but just the toilet and sink will be great for now

Any of our top SMB plumbers available to help me out? Or can you recommend a decent tradesman who might have a bit of time free?

I'll supply copious amounts of tea/coffee and biscuits, music on the Alexa, food... anything you want... top working conditions at casa del mux.

Cheers in advance everyone.


Central Defender
Within hours mate your going to need a dump ( to release the chocolate hostage - as referenced in the smudgy cack debate)

You need a plan - and some bog roll.
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Could try this fella, excellent tradesman but I have no ideas how busy he is.
Graeme 07729 842686
He gets most of his work through the bathroom cladding place next to Bookers in Hendon
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Bob Fleming

Try ISO Plumb. They did an absolutely cracking job on an en suite for me and a decent price. Nee idea how busy they are mind. But getting anyone for anything is a nightmare at the moment.