Barry’s Bargain Superstore In Consett

Arfa Sleep

Just made 1st ever visit there. Bought 2 bits of cheese and a mountain of cheap ket for £20. Reminded me of one of the stalls in the In Shops, but bigger.
Went from there to Knitsley Farm Shop, which I'd never heard of before this thread.
Bit of a contrast to Barry's, spent a fortune, goodbye waistline.
Knitsley is excellent!
comments are amusing, seems as though it has a following

Just dug into them. His following is global with plenty from the US who rue the fact he has no presence there.
wonder if anyone has done the holy trinity in one day ?
barrys, bridgefield, poundzone :cool:

Would be like the opening sequence of the Six Million Dollar man - She's breaking up! - those three in one day would defy the laws of shopping.
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