Barry’s Bargain Superstore In Consett

Mackem DJ

I was thinking more about the building. Its terrible when its busy, the noise just rebounds all over the place.

There are worse wetherspoons overall but for the design of the building its terrible. Especially when you think that it was purpose built.
Yeah its like drinking in a swimming pool :confused:


Subs Bench
In summer maybe, in winter you risk being stranded there, surviving for weeks on obscure flavours of Fanta and multipacks of Albanian chocolate till the snow thaws.

Ive always found it a bit hit and miss. Some days the wife can fill a trolley, other days she brings back a few obscure beers for me to try (Argentinian Lager anyone?) And some fancy shampoo with some obscure vitamin in for her.

Just dont go in the Spoons in Consett. Possibly the worst in the country. If its busy you'll come out with a headache like nothing else from the white noise

its all the earin aids man ,get the buggers telt ,switch them off

Alpha P

Full Back
Bought a few Christmas cakes there last year, Mrs had no idea where they came from so it was a sort of blind-test, and they were spot on.
Would get them again, but bit of a track from SR4 for a few cakes