Barry’s Bargain Superstore In Consett

Was in at the weekend, 8 bottles of Pacifico Mexican beer for only 5 pound*

I think I saw Barry at the back of the store. He carries himself like gustavo fring in breaking bad when he's in his chicken shop.
Powerful, dominant, stylish and aware.

*was canny out of date mind.
could be a meths lab 'downstairs '
barry needs to proof read his facey postings

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Do you have to be Bald, Fat and Smelly?
Barry has another new wife and she is none of the above.
Flaming locks of Auburn hair,
Ivory skin and Eyes of Emerald Green

TBF, he's the biggest patron of the arts since the Medici and the mural of his wife on the ceiling of the store is reminiscent of the Birth of Venus.

No excuse for lathering that Norpak crap on your toast when Barry is knocking out the good gear for just 35p a pack more.
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I was just about to post exactly this. He's actually recreated a dinosaur using DNA from the Jurassic period and that lad in the shop is a proper dinosaur-whisperer. Chris Pratt and those velociraptors are a joke compared to what Barry and his team are doing.

just think despite recreating a dinosaur this is somehow distracting from the much more bigger news of his current bargains.
Pound zone last sat.
Barry's today.

Poundzone weeny & crowded with a definite eau de b.o. hint.
Barry's large & roomy, slight hint of fart around the checkout area.

The car park in Consett had no snow this time.
The sausage & egg sarnie in Barry's spin off sidekick store, knitsley farm shop, was lush.

Some right fatties in both consett & wrekenton, mind, made me look svelte.

Anyway, gonna try some of my raisin & cinnamon chocolate, and my bag of 'cornflake mix', an indian snack.
Last time I was in I took advantage of his unbranded soups at 4 for a pound.
Lobster bisque no less. 25p a can!*
I mean, come on, that glorified post office sells monster claws for more than that.

*when opened, the contents unfortunately was nothing like lobster bisque, it seemed to be closest to oxtail, but smelled worse than an elderly sausage dogs anal glands so went in the bin.