Bands that went from ace to shite?


Most of the names mentioned here are just bands audiences tire of and replace with the next "big " band .Killers,kol,franz Ferdinand,kasabian etc etc ..its impossible to recreate the buzz of a being new to everyone


Not saying he was ever ace but Eden Sherans getting to the Beatles like level now of being able to release any fucking shit n folk will buy it.
Terence Trent D’Arby

Best debut album in the history of music. Thought he was Prince, disappeared up his own arsehole and nobody gives a toss about him now when he had the world at his feet.

And leaving aside the whole noncey bit, Off The Wall and Thriller was a class period for Jacko, Bad was good (!) but when he binned off Quincey Jones he hit the skids at a rate of knots.
Dangerous was pants save for a few hit singles like.

Cheesy Feet

That was a mental gig that mind, they were horrendous and James Allan was off his head on summit. I remember watching him and thinking ‘he’s miming here’ then my mate turned to me and said the same thing followed by a good few more people saying the same. Remember it turning quite nasty at point with people getting slung out.

They are.
Correct..and also one of the best live bands I've ever seen at the SOL.


Central Defender
Probably a massive tin hat on, but I’ll throw “A” into the mix. First 2 albums were great, uncomplicated bubblegum pop-punk with added keyboards and samples - much cooler and nowhere near as smooth or polished as the American pop-punk bands who were gaining popularity at the same time. Some of the lyrics were horrendous (“My name is Jason, I’ll smash your face in, I’ve got relations in my band”) but it was all great fun and in good humour.

The next 2 albums were horrendous and they broke up.