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    I received a letter last week from a bailiff company saying they've bought my debt from a housing association I used rent a flat from.

    The debt is only £337. But after paying everything from my monthly wage I'm only left with £40 or £50 quid a week to live off. So it's gonna be a pain in the arse to pay it.

    I'm certain when I left the flat I wasn't in any rent arrears. I moved out of there in 2014 and this is literally the first I've heard from it. I contacted the housing association and they've said they'd send me a statement out but it's been over a week now. I've emailed them again on Friday and heard nowt back. The bailiffs said they can only hold my account for another 3 days before they continue to take action.

    Any advice? I'll be happy to make a payment plan if they can prove to me I owe money but I want to see evidence first. I know it's only £300 odd but it's a bit of a big deal for me.
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    Offer them a quid a week.
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    Similar thing happened to me. Got slapped with a £300 council tax bill a few years ago that the council kept quiet about for 3 years, after 3 years you can't appeal. They're sneaky bastards.

    If it's under 3 years old you can appeal. If not then you're fucked.
  4. Pop

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    Tell them to fuck off, worked for @girojim
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  5. Firstly brush up on your soup and Bolognese recipes.

    Also you should have budgeted for this.

    The above are strongly recommended for people with only £40 to £50 a week to live on, by the resident financial experts on here.

    I'm sure you can request to see the evidence of any debt, then come to an agreement to pay it off, to suit both parties.

    Maybe take legal advice?
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  6. StiflerPG

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    Don't pay anything until you get evidence. They're probably chancing it because they've added "costs" which are not payable unless ordered by a court. Try to deal with the housing association direct rather than through the debt collection agency because they are kernts and will try and intimidate you.
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    How much does debt sell for? If the debt's only £337 I can't imagine they paid much for it. They might be happy enough with a low monthly payment.
  9. Citizens advice
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    Start hiding all your valuables and let them come.

    Alternatively, ring the housing association and kick off. Tell them you’ll hang up only once you’ve received the email with the statement on.

    Then, if you owe it offer a payment plan that suits you. If not case closed.

    Bailiffs can only enter your property through peaceful entry and through an unlocked door or window.

    (All knowledge gained from can’t pay we’ll take it away).
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    Ask to see the proof of the debt. If you believe that you don’t owe them the money then it is up to them to prove that you do. Going by the amount they say that you owe it could be that you didn’t give a months notice before moving out, so even if you were up to date when you left, they will still sting you for another months rent.
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    I've emailed them twice. Their opening hours to ring them is when I'm at work so can't ring them.

    I just don't want bailiffs coming to the door. I've got nowt they can have anyway.

    It's just they seemed like they won't be reasonable and wait for a statement to come through. Like I said I'd be happy to set up a payment plan if it's proved I owe the money. Its just came as a bit of a shock.
  13. girojim

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    Tell them to fuck off
    They won't cone to your door
  14. lenshack

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    Some very dodgy bailiff/debt collector companies about, trying to put the frighteners on folk.
    Often best to make absolutely no response and totally ignore them.
    Quite often they’ll give up after a while if they don’t think a case is worth their while pursuing.
    Very doubtful if they even know for sure that you’re at the same address.
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  15. MigsGoalKicks

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    They have my address, email, phone number (cos I rang them) don't know how they got any of the information.

    Dukes Bailiffs Limited is the company. No idea how legit they are.
  16. D.A

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    Set a payment plan up to start in a few weeks time. Gives you time to sort it.
  17. lenshack

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    Most of these bailiff companies are simply chancers, trying to use whatever info they receive to their best advantage to make a profit.
    They generally don’t even know for sure if the claim is kosher and won’t pursue it indefinitely if there’s not a big killing to be made.
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  18. Wrong. That's only high court bailiffs not regular bailiffs. Regular bailiffs cannot come in uninvited otherwise they're breaking the law ;).
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  19. D.A

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    Don't invite a bailiff in.
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  20. Yup, precisely.

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