Back/Hip Problems

Discussion in 'SMB' started by houst69, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. tunstallhill

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    Exercise , stretches, better posture and, very important, better diet and lots of water to supplement your muscle exercise. Its a long, slow journey to get pain free, and you may never be 100%. It needs to be a lifestyle change
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  2. Fletch

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    sitting at a desk all day long is worst thing ever for your posture, gives weak back problems as well as weak glues and tight hamstrings , get up once an hour for couple minutes , try do the odd stretch and maybe look at doing pilates once a week and go fr long walk couple times a week if you don't exercise already
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  3. houst69

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    I have two jobs, during the week I sit at a desk (admin) and at weekends I am a DJ and kids entertainer, so either I am stood in the same position for hours or running about like a lunatic for two hours.

    I was taking unprescribed tramadol back in May, took one too many and had a fit (seizure) in the Cornmill at Darlo, cracked my head off a window in the process resulting in 8 staples in my heed, to be fair the trammies did the job, obviously can't take them again! Luckily I have had a brain scan and got the all clear, could you have fucking killed myself!
  4. Pop

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    Go to a chiropractor.
  5. DaveH

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    That is not a bad suggestion. The sports centre where I work looks like they do a 'sports pilates' class aimed at reducing sports injuries. I might give that a go.
  6. Boz33

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    looking at your avatar perhaps a hip op would be the best solution:lol:
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  7. Lambchops

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    My backs fucked at the min, I was basically getting up,driving 50mile to work, sitting at a desk, driving 50 mile home - started taking the baby out in her pushchair when I get in - just 3 or 4 mile to get a bit exercise and its helped my back a lot
  8. Malloy

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    I wish I could exercise my pain away. But it's excruciating to bend past a certain point. My mates used to all be saying ah yup just need exercise, fuck off more movement is about the worst thing I can think of for bone to bone grating.

    I remember one early doctors appointment I had before anything was diagnosed and he lay me down and started to twist my leg in various directions and I could have hit him. It knacked and he was saying relax I was saying how can I when your fucking hurting me
  9. PrisonBroken

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    Run over as a kid so my right hip is a touchy fucker. Inversion table does wonders and for neck and back kinks too.
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  10. MunkyHeed

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    Had some pretty major operations on my femur/pelvis joints when I was a kid and was told I'd probably get arthritis early in this area.
    Few years ago, I'd get really sore hip joints after playing 5 a side, and I though that was it... time up.

    Found an exercise on t'web that gets you to kneel on one knee, with other foot placed flat on floor, then push your hips forward as much as possible and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat a few times, kneeling on each knee, and repeat this daily.

    Don't get any hip pain at all now!
  11. D.A

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    Improve your core and glutes - pilates is great.

    Go and see sr acupuncture and tui na at leechmere road, he's awesome, 20 quid a session. He'll put your body back into shape.
  12. The Falcon

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  13. Skandhaless

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    Had a bad hip for about 2 years now. Tricky bleeders to get healed can last for ages. Can get mine rested down so it's not very painful but can't get it strong enough to rehabilitate athletically.
    Walking can help but I find it's a fine balance between exercising it and straining it. Sitting is the real killer though
  14. Mikeftw

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    I'm off work for this very thing, sciatica down my left side has been bloody painful, been given gabapentine and advised to buy cocodamol. Now that I can stand up straight I've been doing excersises for the lower back and they seem to be working

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Worst advice I ever took
  16. Pop

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  17. Lukas73

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    Got one of these too, great inventions!
  18. gillythedilf

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    Couple of recommendations,1st one is herbal tablets called “newyou” lads at work swear by them as they have issues with arthritis etc and they swear they work.

    2nd option is pop into SR4 and see Andre,He’s a miracle worker that lad with his physio,That I can vouch for.hes cured a few ailments of both of my son and a couple of kids from the footy teams I sponsor.Well regarded in those circles of sports injuries etc.

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Expensive ,painful and a waste of time
  20. Pop

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    Always sorted me out.

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