Average Cost of Living


It's all a sly way of getting you for as little as possible, which inevitably wastes everyones time as you have the initial interview and ask about the salary to find it's a paltry sum.

It's also a way of widening the net to attract as many applications as possible.

We have position open currently which could be anything form £30-60k depending on the qualities and experience of the person who gets the job. We tend to look for people we like and fit the job to suit them rather than looking for someone with very specific requirements. If we said the job was £45k then that would put some people off for being too low and others too high so we'd miss out on some interesting candidates.


I can't possibly imagine how hard it is to work for minimum wage down south considering the price of rent and other things, people struggle up here with it so it must be damn near impossible down there even with help.

Universal credit usually. That's who the benefit cap hit badly. £20k cap won't hit many up here with sub £500 rents.
I'm on 15k a year with a family, as a mere Teaching assistant. A job i love. I took a pay cut from one of nissans suppliers a few year back, a young mans game, and after years, couldnt hack the shifts.
Ive found the budget side of it pretty easy, be organised, don't spend on gear you dont need.
The money people spend on there phone bill these days i find astounding.
You can have a decent standard of living on a relatively low wage, as has been said.
Too many greedy bollocks in this world today.
Each to there own.
Have you had to take a 20% pay cut? Apparently a lot of teaching assistants have had changes to their contract?
It’s pretty clear inflation is ganning nuts but a lot of people will be saving loads due to wfh. Not just the obvious cost of petrol but less maintenance on the car, dog sitter shite, I bet some are even swerving child care and looking after bairns while “working”. In some cases that can total a lot of ££.
Some people won’t be saving nowt and just seeing the rises of course.