August 22nd live footy on tv

*From The Two Ronnies weather forecast: 'It's soaking in Woking and dry in Rye, and if you're going to Lissingdown you'd better take an umbrella.'
It is dry in Rye tbh :)
Useless newcastle ? Aye, sounds like a plan, I’d love to see them in the North Sea.
Corrected for accuracy
Get yourself to Specsavers, maybe with spectacles your appendage will be seen ;)
Edited for accuracy;)
Afternoon Dilli, Music, Ginge & all

Heading home to do the last couple of hrs & might get a peek at the ‘osses. Lap top in garden me thinks, bit warm but a decent breeze.

Then I’ll pack mi shorts & t’s

Rest well those that require it, others werk ya bits off ;)
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