Auf Wiedersehen Pet facts


I think pat roach had a small part in all of the first three Indiana Jones films.
The bloke who plays trev in series two was later in an episode of Grange Hill as football hooligan.
The bloke who played Ali the cafe owner in east Enders appeared in a scene in series one where the wages are being given out.
The iconic trainers moxey wears in Spain (the Nike omega flames) are finally getting ready released this year.
Oz and Dennis did a public information video as their AWP characters for aids awareness (it’s on YouTube and is actually a canny watch).
The bloke who plays Martin in the second series who has the scrap in cannibals is sammy Johnson who is the ‘Sunday for sammy’ gadgie (also played ‘stick’ in spender)
Oz’s manky underpants were actually Kevin whatleys. The producers saw Kevin cleaning his car with them and thought they’d be an ideal prop for oz to wear.
And was also the voice of Sid The Sexist in the Viz dvd of the same name!