Auf Wiedersehen Pet facts



Who is this off the show?
That is Oz's bairn (not the older drag queen one)
Denise Welch once gave me a second look in the Metrocentre, not sure if that's a good or bad thing though.
That is a positive, I wad, even though she is 60 odd now.
I watched the first two series on YouTube recently and I don't think it was cut as I was surprised at some of the things they came out with that you wouldn't get away with these days.

Also, did drinking on building sites used to be a thing? I couldn't believe they were drinking on the job, especially in such a dangerous place.
I have just watched them all for the first time in recent weeks, it was all on sky on demand, season 1 and 2 were from the drama channel, seems all cut to bits. The episode where Oz gets chased back to the hut by turkish gangster and saved by the turks was a strange one. They said something to turkish bloke that was never revealed, I was confused. Then after watching out-takes on youtube, it seemed they cut the word ''puffter''.
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The lass who played Vicki in series 2. Girlfriend of Ally Fraser. I saw her in Silksworth Sainsburys doing instore promotion and then not long after handing out flyers in Metrocentre


Subs Bench
We see the members of Spennymoor and District Senior Citizens club queuing for the flight. But none of the people in the airport queue appear in the Spanish hotel, or on the plane later in the series, even though they're supposed to be the same club.
Kenny Ames' yacht is called "Sans Souci", which means "carefree" in French.

Season 4 although set in Cuba, was filmed in the Dominican Republic, after the Cuban authorities refused filming permission.

Also in season 4 Two episodes End Of The Affair and Our Man In Havana are named after a Graham Greene novel
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