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Discussion in 'SMB' started by aukq, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. aukq

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  2. sima-hebburn

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    just downloaded the dodgy version

  3. JonMc

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    It's decent and surprise, surprise...tobacco companies want you addicted until you die. That's new information to me, I must say.

    But I don't think that it did enough to address concerns that like the tobacco companies, manufacturers of vaping products couldn't give a holy shit about who they sell it to their products to as long as they're moving them off the shelves.

    Vaping is cool kids. Just do it!
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  4. Tex

    Tex Striker

    My sister's fella is a benefit scrounging two pack a day smoker who spends all day in the pub. One of those cargoes who would absolutely either and die if he had to go a day ... no, a few hours without a tab and a pint.

    I just look at him and think 'what a weak as piss waste of skin'. The human body is capable of such a multitude of achievements and this sackless git has got no further thought than to sit there and poison it hour after hour.

    How fucking weak and senseless donyou have to be to be a smoker these days? And while I like an occasional beer or two, how pathetic do you have to be if you can't get through a day without swilling down bucket loads of beer or coffee or whatever just so you can pretend to function?

    And now we have vaping to add to the mix. What a load of shite!
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  5. aukq

    aukq Midfield

    it focused more on how big tobacco, funds govt health agencies to lobby against a safe alternative, to their products which these same govt health agencies have allowed to remain legal, even though we all know the product will kill you.

    I've personally never seen a vaping advert aimed at kids. But the point is, vaping is safe.

    you've missed the point complely.

    your lack of compassion aside for that guy who doesn't have your mental strength, adding Vaping to the mix is the point as it's safe.

    one billion people people may die this century because of smoking. smoking products that have been expertly and relentlessly marketed over decades and decades.

    now we are in a position where smoking is engrained in society. Vaping is a safe alternative that can offer smokers a route away from the harmful and deadly cigarette.

    adding it to the mix is the point but the big tobacco companies are trying from all angles to prevent it.
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  6. haway

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  7. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    I know I was (half) watching it.

    The concerns are that vaping is increasingly being taken up by kids who don't use tobacco. It might reduce tobacco related diseases but there should be a voluntary scheme to restrict sales to folk who smoke rather than get them used to receiving that oral pleasure which isn't going to do them any good.

    Tobacco should be made illegal for all kids starting school and then that ban should follow them from that age after that until we are totally tobacco free...vaping included. This should be implemented tomorrow.
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  8. samsafc

    samsafc Midfield

    Completely disagree, vaping should be available to anyone over the age of 18, regardless if they smoke or not.
    Why shouldn't it be?
  9. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    Gets them into the habit of putting something in their mouth for a 'hit'. Otherwise we're going down the route of the winging's my body...wahhhhh...I should be able to put into it what I want...wahhhhh.
  10. samsafc

    samsafc Midfield

    So should we ban alcohol aswell then?
    More and more research has shown that vaping is low risk, very low risk.
    And yes I do think people should be able to put whatever they want into their body as long as they are not harming anyone else
  11. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    Good. Then keep tobacco legal and let stupid kids get addicted for the rest of their lives. They're not hurting anyone else.
  12. Pop

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    We should ban alcohol and junk food as well then.

    If people want to smoke why does it bother you?
  13. JonMc

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    Ah yes. The old 'well let's ban everything else too'...the cry of the petulant child.

    Society should be tobacco free. Unlike alcohol which does have some benefits providing it's used properly - the entire...entire point of tobacco is to get kids addicted as young as possible....keep that host addicted until they die of a smoking related disease. There is no other reason for the product to exist. None, nada, niet....zilch.
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  14. Pop

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    I class myself as a smoker but I'm not addicted. I enjoy having a few tabs every now and again.

    You are the one coming across as the petulant child wanting to ban people from doing things you don't like.
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  15. silas80

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    Vaping helped me quit the tabs like, been four years now, and I know I look a bit of a twat using it, even I think that when I see people using them but I don't care as it helped me quit. However, I don't think it should be a lifelong thing, and quitting that is the next step (slowly going down the nicotine strengths), inhaling anything but air into your lungs on a regular basis can't be good for them regardless of what it is. Still, it's a lot better than tar, arsenic and formaldehyde etc.
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  16. All tobacco products should be banned completely.
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  17. JonMc

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    You're wrong. You are addicted.

    Simple test.

    The first puff of tobacco wasn't that enjoyable. Right? In fact it was probably rank but you continued until the tobacco went to work into fooling your body that it was a pleasurable experience....for that is the way tobacco works. Your body still sees the product as a pleasurable experience and this is why you still smoke...occasionally. If you weren't addicted you would take one you would be feeling like vomiting.

    The addiction test.
  18. Billy Rocket

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    :lol: top rantage squire!
  19. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    The bloke is an absolute melon like.
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  20. Nowt wrang with a bit of oral pleasure lad.
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