Astra Zeneca

Wild Card

Central Defender
They are absolutely losing the plot.

They clearly know it's safe. Guess we would see if the contracts were watertight. I would assume it's difficult to sue when the contracts says best efforts.

It's probably another smokescreen as the EMA has just announced there is no problem with the vaccine and it's makes him look bad. It's another day lost in what could have been many people vaccinated.


I understand you are basing your decision on outdated data.

The data isn't my only basis for my decision. You would know this if you had read and understood my posts on this fred.

And anyway, even if it was only based on data how exactly would that make my decision politically motivated ?

Horace Cope

Listening to radio 5 live just now apparently Italy and france have held a meeting today and agreed to resume using OAZ vaccine, makes a nonsense of the “it’s individual countries making the decision” argument pushed by some on here

You do know there's more than 2 countries in the EU right?