Asteroid a MILE wide to hurtle past Earth in 72 HOURS - as experts warn of MASS EXTINCTION

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Craggsy-SAFC, May 11, 2015.

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    Give it a few more weeks when North Korea get their act together.
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    It terms of Pluto - the planet that was first discovered and called that doesn't really exist, but Pluto does exist.

    What I mean is before Pluto was observed, Mathematicians had already used the movement of the observed planets to prove that there was at least one other planet outside the orbit of Neptune. So they called this extra theoretical planet Pluto. When they eventually observed a planet out there, they assumed that this was the Pluto they had predicted the existence of.

    In reality, there are a number of objects out there and the effect on the orbits of the 8 "proper planets" was actually the combined effects of a few of the larger of them.

    So the object we called Pluto is not the Pluto that Mathematicians predicted the existence of. That initial "Pluto" does not exist.
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    More chance of an asteroid wiping us out marrow
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    Pretty much. More like a lad that only ever hangs out in a crowd and never tries to become the alpha of the group by bullying the others, whereas a planet is a proper alpha male that makes all the other smaller objects in its path its bitches.
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    So just to clarify - I understand the above stuff but... If a question asked is "What is the smallest planet in the solar system?", is Pluto still a perfectly fine answer..? :lol:
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    Indeed! A few are bigger than Mercury too...


    Depends on who's asking. If it's a pub quiz and the guy asking the questions isn't particularly scientific then yes, though the actual proper answer would be mercury.
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    I'd say Pluto just from sheer bloodymindedness.
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    Nice one marra
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    Aye but that doesn't make moons planets and vice-versa, ye div. ;)
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    Yeah I know I made a throw away comment earlier in the thread that was quite factually untrue but I corrected my comment really quickly, I don't want to be seen to be talking shite on here.
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    At least they'll have something to cheer about!
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    If it was me and it came up in a pub quiz I'd probably say something like...

    "Mercury (Pluto is smaller but is NOT a planet, it's a DWARF planet, which is different to a planet, so if the quizmaster says the answer is Pluto he is WRONG!!!)"

    If the quizmaster did say the answer was Pluto, I'd probably not get the points like. :lol: Dunno if I'd be arsed arguing about it with him in front of a crowded pub.
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    I do this whenever someone says Edison invented the lightbulb. It triggers me.
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    Mass extinction! Get in, knew playing the long game would work, still owe thousands on my student loan. Suckers.
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    As we used to say in the bad old days of the Cold War...
    "In the event of an emergency remove your glasses and false teeth, kneel down and tuck your head between your knees and then kiss your sorry arse goobye".
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    it certainly looks smaller but thats because its further away
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    Cheeky sod. :lol:

    "Moon" has nothing to do with size!
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    If we were aware of an approaching extinction level event, wonder who would be the last to post on the SMB before the end (ie who would it be to have the last word!)
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