Asteroid a MILE wide to hurtle past Earth in 72 HOURS - as experts warn of MASS EXTINCTION

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Craggsy-SAFC, May 11, 2015.

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    Sorry? Eh? How can he say it doesn’t exist? Surely with all our telescopes and that thing in orbit called Hubble, I’m pretty sure somebody by now would have said the planet/dwarf planet/big ball of ice wasn’t there!
  2. Skynet. Ive heard that somewhere before.
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    Bloody PC gone mad
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    shame theyll not be around to say i told you so
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    Did this happen yet?
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    No, no, no.

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    Hubble isn't in orbit mate, not sure where its at but I think its course is deep space.
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    Thinking about, it's likely you caught the arse end of the sentence and the guy on the telly was talking about the possible existence of a planet beyond Pluto.
  12. Phew.
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    It means exactly that... As a planet orbits the sun, it will either collide with, collect in its own orbit as moons or rings, or otherwise push other smaller objects out of its way until it has a clear orbit around the sun with no other rogue sun-orbiting objects in its own orbital path.

    Pluto hasn't done that, hence the redesignation as a dwarf planet.

    Also, one of its five moons isn't really a moon as such. Charon and Pluto orbit each other rather than one orbiting the other, so they're usually considered a binary system. The centre of orbit lies in open space inbetween them, whereas for one to really be the other's moon, the centre of orbit of one should lie within the body of the other.

    Not quite, a dwarf planet isn't a planet. Scientifically speaking they're 2 different things even though dwarf planet has the word planet in it.
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    So a dwarf planet is like a lad who thinks he's hard pushing the little planets out of the way then fucking off quick when the bigguns turn up
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    aka @greedminds
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    I could tell this was a Express headline without even clicking on the link

    Must be the easiest job in the world writing the front page of the Express.

    Just throw a dart at one of the following and repeat ....

    Get out the eu/ princess di/ immigrants/ hottest summer/ coldest winter/ statins
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    I'm sure a couple of the other planets in our solar system have bigger moons than Pluto
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    Is Bruce Willis on standby?
  19. Been and gone. Another celestial non-event
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    Have we all been vapourised yet?

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