Assassins creed Odyssey

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by screwjack, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    just got this,loved ‘origins’, so looking forward to starting it.
    who else is playing it? any good?
    ( couldn’t see another thread on this...)
  2. Fievel

    Fievel Full Back Contributor

    Really enjoying, fell by the wayside with FM coming out, and then red dead, but I'll definitely come back to it. It's like Origins but more polished, smarter ai and beautiful.
  3. girojim

    girojim Striker

    Really enjoying this
  4. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    It's huge and has a lot of the "good" bits from the last few incarnations. Really get lost in the world but as big as it is there isn't really anything amazing to actually do with it all. Theres the odd alpha creature fight etc. but it's not something that gives you that buzz of completing what was there.

    Still a canny game to pick up and have a quick blast on. God knows how many quests there are in it!

    Oh and wish the sea bits had a bit more to them like upgrading the ship more. And I never know what the fuck colours the enemy ships fly bar red for Sparta and the blue for the other fellas. What the fuck are the rest?!? For this reason I never bothered pirating (plus you tend to get fuck all exciting for doing it).

    Canny game tho but again not much to do with assassins. Wish they'd do this kind of thing but have the base building one of the other one and having an assassins guild you could send people on jobs from. Loved those ones.

    Liking the cult bits where you have to find who they are and bump them off. This actually gets you nice gear as well.
  5. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    gonna jump back into this after a ‘rdr2’ break
    (think i only got up to about level 5).
    anyone know what the ‘game plus’ mode is? is it harder,or just extra bits?
  6. Coeus

    Coeus Striker

    I got it in the Ubisoft sale. Seems good, not sure how long it will grip me, depends on the story.
  7. peterleeblackcat

    peterleeblackcat Midfield

    After you've completed the game, you can start again with all of the upgrades/skills etc that you'd unlocked, I think the enemies are harder as well
  8. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    ah a long time before i complete it,i like to stick my neb into every nook and cranny on games like this
  9. peterleeblackcat

    peterleeblackcat Midfield

    Aye it'll take an age to complete, next one will probably be out by the time I'm done with it
  10. screwjack

    screwjack Midfield

    last one took me best part of a year,including add ons:lol:
  11. peterleeblackcat

    peterleeblackcat Midfield

    Aye same :lol: haven't got round to finishing the DLC for it either.
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  12. Billy Batts

    Billy Batts Striker

    Bought Origins off ps store sale for £15
  13. WillD

    WillD Striker

  14. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

  15. WillD

    WillD Striker

    Is it that bad?
  16. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    Yep, just really really dull, have played all the assassins creed and usually like them but that was brutal, so many missions where you’re just following someone for AGES, the initial graphics mess on release didn’t help either but I believe they patched all that.
  17. WillD

    WillD Striker

    Saved myself €1.19
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  18. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger


    saying all that, it MIGHT just be worht €1.19!!
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  19. chriswallace85

    chriswallace85 Striker

    Aye - I'm still fuckin' about with the Sinai add-ons and I've had it about a year.

    It's class mind.

    RDR2 hasn't even been installed yit.
  20. gonzalo

    gonzalo Central Defender

    I completed Origins but never got the DLCs, is it worth going back for them?

    Currently ploughing through Odyssey, there's so much stuff to do jesus

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