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What are the little spinny things you sometimes see on the roof of vans? They look like rotating black discs.

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One of 2 things imo.

Either pulling air into the van for say dogs, or similar vents for someone carrying gasses/strong glues etc.
If there are AA, AAA, C and D batteries, why are there no B batteries?
There used to be but they fell out of use.

Jagermeister drinks...why in 2 glasses?

Technical reason or just bollocks?
It’s really a digestif so you should drink it straight after a meal. They just marketed it as something to be mixed to sell it to people under 70.

why do blokes have nipples?
All foetuses start as female and then either develop male sex characteristics or continue as female. For the example in males the progenitor to the clitoris develops into the penis. It’s essentially a latent sexual characteristic.
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In the case of orange, the fruit got its name from the colour. In the case of lemon, the particular yellow nuance got its name because of the resemblance with the fruit
I'm sure orange the colour was called orange after the fruit. The colour of an orange just used to be classed as a shade of red.