Are there any good female vocalists?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcrob, May 21, 2019.

  1. Julie Driscoll. This wheel's on fire, dah de dah de dum.
  2. DonkeyScabs

    DonkeyScabs Midfield

    Sounds like a Screech Owl in a shed full of wind chimes to me.

    I saw both at the City Hall. I’d also give Melissa Etheridge and Amanda Marshall a mention.

    Lone Justice
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    UZZA_SPARTA Midfield

    much prefer the Siouxsie & The Banshees version of that song (which also made the UK Top 20 back in the 80s) due to Siouxsie Sioux's unique vocals ;)
  4. FReaK

    FReaK Winger

    Lucy Rose is incredible but I struggle to listen to female vocals. Dunno why.
  5. Marcosplace

    Marcosplace Striker

    Anne Wilson.
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    UZZA_SPARTA Midfield

    same period... mid 90's... power in vocals :eek: ... Courtney Love even wanted to have this song (Not Here) as a single for her band (Hole) but this band from Manchester refused her request and released it themselves on Silvertone - was both John Peel's and Melody Makers single of the week

  7. basket case

    basket case Subs Bench

    Beth Gibbons
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  8. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    The one who was Kris Kristoffersons missus, forget her name now.
  9. Helmer

    Helmer Midfield

    Leila Moss of The Duke Spirit
    Nina Persson of The Cardigans
    Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds
    Juanita Stein of The Howling Bells
  10. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    Lass from EchoBelly

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  11. Rottie

    Rottie Central Defender

    no one mentioned Amy Lee yet?

    holds a canny tune that lass
  12. mickb2112

    mickb2112 Winger

    Gorgeous voice Maja Ivarsson has a nice voice too

    Her vocals on Beautiful Goodbye are absolutely stunning. That is how to write and sing a ballad.
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  13. Helmer

    Helmer Midfield

    The Sounds are class, saw them in the old Independent in the town in 2007. Immense.
  14. mickb2112

    mickb2112 Winger

    How they didn`t have huge hits baffles me. It`s great sounding classic Pop with killer tunes.
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  15. Helmer

    Helmer Midfield

    Check out Asteroids Galaxy Tour if you like The Sounds. A bit more psychedelic, but the same Scandinavian pop sound.
  16. Osklen

    Osklen Subs Bench

    Alicia Keyes
    Lauren Hill
    Chaka Khan
    Jill Scott
    Astrud Gilberto
    Jessie Ware
  17. rentaghost

    rentaghost Striker

    Ladyhawke has got a great voice. Amazed they didn't have more success.

  18. max wartbug

    max wartbug Winger

  19. mickb2112

    mickb2112 Winger

    Top stuff...going to check them out. Try Sahara Hotnights for some great Scandinavian Pop Rock:

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  20. TheBronzeBummer

    TheBronzeBummer Central Defender

    That lass out of London Grammar

    Stevie is my jam

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