Are there any good female vocalists?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcrob, May 21, 2019.

  1. Latka Gravas

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    Mavis Staples, 80 years old and just released her latest album. Amazing singer.

    UZZA_SPARTA Midfield

    on the original release the album had 9 tracks, of which 6 were released as singles. The irony being that one of the 3 songs not released as a single was the title track (Nightclubbing) which had been written by Bowie and Iggy Pop and everybody at time wanted to see released as a single but her record company (Virgin I believe) said at time they never released any album title tracks as singles

    For what its worth, back in 1981 both The Face magazine and the NME gave it the best album of the year award ;)
  3. zwartekat

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    It was a great album.

    Actually, piqued my interest in the singles thing and it would be up there although the outstanding example seems to be Michael Jackson's Bad which had 11 tracks, 10 of which were released as singles. :lol:

    It did beat Purple Rain which managed 5 from 9.
  4. Snugster

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    She still has, plays The Sage often.
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  5. Quench

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    So far I've had Kate Bush and PJ Harvey this morning, sadly only on my HiFi
  6. King Kareoke

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    Always managed to have other commitments because I really should go again as I saw her a load when I was a bit younger

    UZZA_SPARTA Midfield


    in that case Grace Jones held that record until the late 80's and then by time Jackson released his later singles from his Bad album in 1989 he finally overtook Grace ;)
  8. raindog

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    Anyone nominated Maria McKee? ....Belting voice
  9. BigPete

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    Havent read all thread but I bet that knacker has popped up saying Avril Lavigne :oops:

  10. Adamfsafc

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    You clearly have read the thread.

    Don’t know why you laugh. She’s a female, a vocalist and yeah she’s bloody good at it.
  11. BigPete

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    Hence why I said I haven’t read the thread, you clearly didn’t read my post.
  12. Adamfsafc

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    I think your full of it.
  13. S.S.R..

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    Some do... ...and some don't.
  14. BigPete

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    I think your weird, do you have posters of her in your room?
  15. Adamfsafc

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    I’ve answered this before, just one signed photo.
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    Bet it’s sticky as well
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    Don’t be disgusting.
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  18. ReaL Madras

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    I saw Joss Stone last year play a very intimate gig, about 100 people. It was her and just an acoustic guitarist......what a voice she has, absolutely amazing. I hadn’t realised how good she actually is.
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  19. oyoysaveloy

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    Carly Simon
    Chrissy Hynde
  20. redgauntlet

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    K pop.Hong Gin Young. Yuri

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