Are there any good female vocalists?


Central Defender
Amy Macdonald....already been mentioned.
Julianne Regan - All About Eve.
And another already mentioned, but thought it deserved a video.....purely fot the WADness.

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Kid Galahad

I think wimmin singers must only take up about 5-10% of my music collection, off the top of my head ...

Gladys Knight
Doris Day
Dusty Springfield
Dolly Parton
Imelda May
Kacey Musgraves
Etta James

... and quite a few others on country and soul compilations, it's not that I don't like any apart from the above but I would struggle to listen to a whole albums worth, I think country songs are probably the best suited to a female voice, some very talented ladies in that genre and I think although I have nothing by her Streisand has one of the best voices of all time just the material on the whole isn't my thing.
The best female vocalist I've ever heard in person was Jill Marie Cooper. She's a session singer in London and frankly one of the most stunning lasses I've ever seen. She's got an astonishing voice, like proper goosebumps, she's that good.


You just don't get a female singer with a nice voice and I don't mean the type who sing at a very high note which sounds like they are trying to sing there lungs through there nose. I never hear a singer these days and think wow she reminds me of that pat benatar. OK of today's singers Beyonce has a nice voice but she is just one i can think off my head.