Are Jews Evil?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by WildTurkey, Jan 11, 2019.

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    The above is observable behaviour and fair comment IMO. It won’t be popular to say, but stereotypes seldom come out of thin air. Thing is, none of it justifies any attempt to marginalise Jews and with the exception of the Israeli issue, it’s made them an easy scapegoat (irony overload) in the past and even now.

    A tradtionally successful people that have an ethno-religious identity that can be skewed in the view of maleviolent people as counteractive to the majority culture of a nation state, post-WW1 Germany being a prime example.
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    Rachel Riley doesn't look very evil.
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    We knew that fella. People often say to me "that Sadders is a kernt, despite being Jewish".
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  4. You're joking? She looks positively wicked :D
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    How can you generalise about a race of people who span the range of personalities from Netanahu through Stephen Fry not forgetting Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstien, Dylan, Galileo, Cohen, etc etc..

    Two of my closest male friends are Jewish and one of my closest female friends is too. All are intelligent, high performing, funny, generous and secular.
    I dont pick up any aspect of them being evil. Each of them are humanitarians and there is no sense of anything other than unease at the excesses that have occured within the occupied South Bank.
    I think this thread title is very poor.
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    This issue all come down to various conspiracy theories of Jews manipulating the Banking systems and such.

    Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player of all times, in his last years "went mad" with radio podcasts attacking the Jews for everthing that happened to him and evrything wrong with the US.
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    wrong Martin, pal
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  8. :cool:
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    No problem with them. What ever they believe in they seem to do it in their own community or behind closed doors, not forcing it onto everyone or killing any fuker that doesn’t agree with them.
  10. The ‘reward’ for almost certain persecution in the past was that Jews were permitted to lend money (usury) so any of the initial wealth that was accumulated came at a high human cost.

    This community should be admired for its persistence in the face of adversity and for not generally squandering any inherited wealth.

    There are generalisations (I knew a few families in Nottingham who weren’t particularly wealthy) but they had a goodwork ethic, strong community spirit and took any opportunity of personal improvement.
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    Life is not all about money though.
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  12. It's all Mel Gibson's fault.
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    The correct answer is obviously no they aren’t by the way.
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    Is she a four be two like?
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    Yep she is
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    Never knew that like. There you go.
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    I’m learning here. Any links that confirm Jews were allowed to lend money but at the same time be persecuted? My knowledge is very low. I’ve visited more than one atrocitie site so I’m not totally insensitive to the historical events.
  18. Be stupid kids doing it
  19. It's as plain and simple as this. The good do outweigh the bad, but usually the bad dominate and directly or indirectly try to/do assert control over societies.
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    I’ve gone off her now.

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