Archie Battersbee Case


It takes some mental gymnastics to even work out never mind vocalise

I think someone mentioned it earlier in the thread, this will likely result in a medical negligence claim against the NHS as well which is even more of a circus. Somehow I don't think the legal reps will be happy to go pro bono on that one
I hope this doesn’t come across as incredibly nasty and the circumstances go without saying but her supporters are complete mentalists
I’ll try and be diplomatic here: those who are willing to sacrifice privacy and dignity by involving the media and posting intimate details to social media will always rally a legion of uneducated, unquestioning supporters who’ll happily harass staff, protest, offer second opinions and throw money at funding drives because they want to feel like they are part of something to give their otherwise vacuous lives some meaning.


my whole take on this is a parent who can't cope, and that's not a dig at her as i couldnt begin to imagine walking in their shoes.

Nor could I. But she's openly blaming thr NHS really. And she's listening to the wrong people. I've sort of gotten why she'd be angry. But at this stage I think it's gone too far personally.


Whilst I fully appreciate she is grieving and blatantly refusing to come to terms with an awful situation, one that few of us will ever experienced (thankfully)

The people and family advising her and the press reporting it are not helping things one bit and are clearly not looking after the poor lads or his mams best interests.

When my son died, I went through every state imaginable and it took straight talking from family and a friend to pull me out the other side and for that I'm eternally grateful. I miss him every day and celebrate his birthday, have his teddy and photos of him and the pain doesn't really ease despite it being 22 years ago now
You are a far stronger individual than I ever will be mate. I honestly wish you all the best.

Mackem DJ

Seems to be some hate campaign targetting his poor mam, (who i feel terrible pain for whilst admitting she’s probably not showing good judgement or has been ill advised. )
God I admit her facebook is an utter car crash. Poor woman. And theres masses of trolls now doxxing her and trolling her and dishing dirt on her. And she’s only too keen to engage with some really ranty and stereotypical facebook scratty type posts. Jesus.

What an awful mess.
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