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So, I’ll have a stab at answering the original question, and avoid the inevitable Mac’s are shite/tremendous debate.

Had all sorts of issue with a friends laptop (albeit not a Mac) the other day. Ended up disabling 5ghz on his newly replaced BT home hub, solve the problem for him, and he was having the same issues as you... all devices apart for one could connect okay.

Hope this helps..


That's because they will be assuming that Mac owners will have more money to potentially exploit in one way or another given they forked out extra £100's in the first place ;)
As much as my post was just a joke, I am surprised the scammers haven't gone all out for Macs. There's a generation of home computer users who use macs (about 1 in 4, give or take I believe) who largely beleive they have to do absolutely nothing to protect against malware.