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It's a great shop. I bought one of my favourite ever items from Eleven though. A Left Hand Massimo Osti jumper. It was class. I've still got the pin badge somewhere.


Aphrodite has a good sale on at the minute. If you have spare cash might be a good time to cop some bargains.

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How’d ya manage that, good shop but very rarely have good discounts on

I bought a Stone Island overshirt a year gone Xmas..expensive like..the lass was putting it through the till and one of the lads said ‘give him it for..’..knocked £50 off..i was debating which pair of Stan Smith trainers to buy in a sale and one of the lads said you can have both for...bargain..i don’t buy much from there but the service has been topper when I have.


Not Aphrodite but I was in TK Max today and they had a CP Company jacket in there for sale. £190 reduced for £300+. Looked a decent piece as well not one of those far out items

Could be fake mate. No idea how they get their hands on stuff but they were selling a boat load of fake North Face jackets the other week


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Boshed up Military inspired and copied gear and half the quaity... when will people learn its shite and worn by adulr charvers
I’ve got a few bits (and when I say a few I mean about three or four) but not inspired by much of it anymore.
There’s absolutely loads of vintage stuff knocking about which is much better than some of the new gear that’s just generic tat in the main. Apart from one or two pieces a season it’s nowt special anymore.
yet people still buy owt with a compass badge on.
Used to go there all the time, now I literally do not care about designer labels and wear crocs. The less money I had, the more I went to Aphrodite, the more money I have, the more I do not bother.
I used to spend a fortune on designer clobber when I didn’t have any responsibilities.

Our theory was that a lot of working class kids wanted to appear to be better off. The rich kids at the time dressed in shabby cheap clothes and looked like tramps.

im not roland rat

Could be fake mate. No idea how they get their hands on stuff but they were selling a boat load of fake North Face jackets the other week

100 percent not fakes mate. Why on earth do you think they would be selling fakes? Its not Turkey ffs. It’s completely illegal and would see the store fined or closed down. It just wouldn’t happen.

TK Maxx and places like M&M buy end of line products from brands on mass and for massive discounts. That’s their whole business model. Almost all things you will find in these sorts of stores will be about 12 months old or older.

The other possibility is that these products were made from excess fabrics left over and were manufactured using minimal additional materials or non standard materials. So again not fakes, but not of similar quality to standard products... but that doesn’t equate to poor quality either.
Id be very surprised if TK Maxx were selling fake North Face clothes like.

They 100% won’t be
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