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Anyone witnessed any "J4C" shenanigans in town?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Paddy O'Dors, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. FIVE

    FIVE Winger

    I could make an idiot out of you, but why should I take all the credit?
  2. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    But most of what caps lock Bill rants about is utter bollocks and as far from fact as you can get
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  3. Ben Gardner

    Ben Gardner Midfield

    From memory (seems such a long time ago, now!), this little tête-à-tête started when you said something like "LEFT WING APPEASERS" (in capitals, notably)

    I suggested this whole sorry episode has actually boiled down to right & wrong, not left & right.

    Quite how and why you reached a point that warrants profanity and idle threats (to "out" my inferred idiocy!) is a mystery. Nonetheless, I obviously have the moral high ground, so I can see past your shortcomings. Let's get back to the thread, eh?

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Don't think anyone's questioning the massive rise in acid attacks are they ?
  5. FIVE

    FIVE Winger

    I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my arse.
  6. Ben Gardner

    Ben Gardner Midfield

    I've just read back and realised what upset you so much.

    I mentioned that "Billy and his kin have been proven wrong".

    Are you suggesting Billy and his lot are actually right?
  7. FIVE

    FIVE Winger

    Nope......but im not asserting theyre wrong yet.
  8. Ben Gardner

    Ben Gardner Midfield

    But they are wrong. It's been proven. What other sort of evidence (or lack of), news or press release do you need?
  9. FIVE

    FIVE Winger

    It has not been proven. I try to give you a chance and engage.....but you keep living upto my low expectations of you.
  10. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Winger

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  11. Ben Gardner

    Ben Gardner Midfield

    I don't think you've seen this, have you? I'll help with relevant sections highlighted for you. Do tell me if you'd prefer that I capitalized them.

    Police urge alleged Sunderland rape victim to review evidence

    The region’s top lawyer has explained why no charges were brought after allegations a woman was raped in Sunderland. Six men were arrested by police after reports that a 26-year-old woman had been attacked at an address in Peel Street overnight between Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4, last year.

    However, the Crown Prosecution Service took the decision there was “insufficient evidence to proceed with the case. Demonstrations have been held in Sunderland City Centre in support of the woman. Today, John Dilworth, acting Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North East, explained why no charges had been brought - and also addressed “damaging claims” and “inaccurate articles” that had been written about the incident, primarily on social media.

    Mr Dilworth said: “We are aware of inaccurate articles circulating about this case, primarily on social media, but also in some sections of the mainstream press. “Some of these articles make damaging claims about the nature of the incident, along with the way in which it was handled by prosecutors and police.“ As prosecutors, it is the role of the CPS to review the evidence in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, which requires that the two stage test is met before criminal charges can be brought; an evidential stage and a public interest stage.

    “In this case, following a thorough investigation by Northumbria Police, the CPS received a file of evidence in relation to one male suspect in respect of a single allegation of rape. After careful consideration of the evidence, we decided that no further action should be taken against this man because there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

    “Five other men were arrested by police in the course of their enquiries, but there was insufficient evidence to justify a referral to prosecutors and they were released with no further action.

    ”The Echo has been told that, as part of their investigation police viewed hours of CCTV, spoke to independent witnesses and carried out multiple forensic examinations including DNA testing. The Echo understands that the CCTV and forensic evidence gathered significantly undermined any assertion that the complainant had been kidnapped or drugged, or that multiple assailants had been involved in an attack of the nature being suggested online.

    The Echo’s coverage

    The Echo reported on the assault allegations when they were first investigated by the police and the subsequent arrests and decision not to charge anyone. We have received numerous inquiries asking why we have not covered the gatherings that have taken place in Sunderland city centre. However, the woman at the centre of the case has, on more than one occasion, contacted the newspaper to insist nothing is reported about the matter. She said: “I’d like to make this clear that I do not give any permission for any stories to be wrote (sic) about the incident that happened in Peel Street several months back.”

    From the time an allegation is made, victims of a wide range of sexual offences are given anonymity for life and the Sexual Offences (Amendment Act) 1992 imposes a lifetime ban on reporting any matter likely to identify the victim of a sexual offence. As a responsible publisher, the Echo abides by this law.

    Even when the defendant is acquitted or the charges dropped, the anonymity remains unless the alleged victim signs a written waiver allowing her anonymity to be lifted.

    What the police say

    Earlier this month, Chief Supt Ged Noble, the Southern Area Commander at Northumbria Police, said: “Reporting on social media about a complaint of a serious assault in Peel Street Hendon last year has grossly misrepresented the facts.

    “Northumbria Police fully and properly investigated the matter and ensured the victim was treated with compassion, expertly supported and kept updated.

    “On receiving the complaint, Northumbria Police made early arrests and conducted an extensive investigation. Officers sensitively gained the complainant’s recollection of the event, secured CCTV footage, interviewed independent witnesses and obtained DNA and other forensic samples.

    “In accordance with regulations the suspects were bailed pending the results of forensic tests and following the result a full file-of-evidence was passed to the CPS, who alone have statutory responsibility to make a decision on whether or not criminal charges are brought. “The CPS took the decision that no action should be taken, in accordance with the evidential test set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors. “The complainant has been informed of her right to appeal that decision and officers remain in close contact with her and are committed to offering her and her family all necessary support and advice. “It is disappointing that the victim is now having to endure a situation where the case she was involved in is being subjected to entirely misleading reporting, based on unfounded information, via social media outlets. “This would seem to be a deliberate attempt to undermine the very strong community-cohesion that currently exists across the force area and we urge our communities to see it for what it is.

    ”Following the statement made by Mr Dilworth, Ch Supt Noble added: “I can confirm that we have received a petition from the victim requesting a review of the police investigation. “We are taking this petition very seriously as it is an operational matter for the police. “We are actively encouraging and supporting the victim to take up the ‘Victims Right to Review’ where she and her representatives can go through all of the evidence with the CPS, and in particular the CCTV and forensic evidence which, as noted by the CPS, significantly undermined any assertion that the complainant had been kidnapped or drugged, or that multiple assailants had been involved in an attack of the nature being suggested online.”
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  12. alisafc

    alisafc Central Defender

    I wonder if there's going to be a march against the 40 year old bloke from Roker who thought he was meeting a 13 year old girl, that dark justice caught last night? Naaa, didn't think so!
  13. WHD

    WHD Striker

    Are the police/CPS not prosecuting him?
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  14. alisafc

    alisafc Central Defender

    Maybe instead of targeting innocent Muslims and immigrants they need to start looking closer to home
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  15. The curious among us aren't right wing although we may be clowns
  16. WHD

    WHD Striker

    Has he been prosecuted or not? If you are going to make comparisons, at least pick a case that has similarities to this case - i.e. one where the alleged perpetrator doesn't get prosecuted.
  17. No but he's wondering why people aren't attributing it to Muslims

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Even the little i know about it suggests we(uk) are bucking the trend of global acid attacks and using them as a tool for maximum impact with the least risk to the offender,punishment wise.The latest were used to steal mopeds which are then used for phone crimes.Also popular in gang related stuff.
  19. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    if he doesnt get prosecuted due to lack of evidence, will their be a march and an internet campaign by captain capslock and his merry men to rid the streets of mackem perverts?
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  20. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    I'll pick out a similarity, I'll wager that if/when he is prosecuted Tommy Robinson won't be on the steps of Newcastle Crown court interviewing the fucker
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