Anyone remember/know lordy


I've been trying to get in touch with him for ages now.
Top lad, though I know he was a bit radge on here sometimes!
I'm just a bit concerned as he had a unique mobile number he paid for and wouldn't have given up (he had for about 25 years.)
He's not been on here for ages, not sure if perm banned or what.

If anyone knows owt about him - initials GD, let us know. I used to knock round with him before I moved down south and kept in touch on and off during the years since, originally from seaham but I knew him when he moved to the posh houses in hendon
So it's safe to take the dick off ignore then ?


:lol: ok, the slightly nicer area of Hendon then.
Tbh, I love it down there. Always felt safe as fuck and folk are salt of thr earth.

Nah, he was lordy on here.
Hasn't been on for a couple of years

Think I remember him, he was the one who knew Mark Selby's lass right?


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Not banned, but looks like he chose to leave here/abandon that user id about 18 months ago.

He did accumulate quite a collection of warnings !