Anyone own a property abroad?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by DonkeyScabs, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Gutmackem

    Gutmackem Winger

    Bloody hell mate, lovely tale,follow your dreams eh:confused:

    Aye that's exactly what I think, you can't go wrong really!
  2. powburn red

    powburn red Midfield

    Great place....makes me feel young when i go there! Not many places like that nowadays!

    Short answers only please
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  3. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Would you be offended if I broke her legs? Regardless of whether she was involved in my scam deal or Not?
  4. Chesterladmackem

    Chesterladmackem Central Defender

    Suppose nows the time to buy. Mate bought 3 bed house near Alicante before the crash for 130k, now worth around 60-70k if he can sell it. Loads around standing empty..
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  5. T_Bone

    T_Bone Striker

    Sorry to hear that.
    These days buying abroad is a big big risk. Renting is the thing to do.
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  6. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    Last time I was in Funchal there was the worst rain they’d ever had. Half the mountain came down through Funchal. Flights cancelled to allow military reinforcements to arrive. President arrived which is when you know it’s bad....there’s votes in it. Declared a national emergency etc. We got an extra three days ower there and had to fly back via Porto.
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  7. humbug

    humbug Striker

    we're completing on a house in the algarve on the 13th. been looking around for a few years now and finally found one last year. we'll be renting it out. hoping to be spending more time down there as we get older.
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  8. elder

    elder Striker

    was it that bad...?? i'm sure it's too late but if you need any info/advice i could ask her (assuming it had fuck all to do with her)?
  9. Hanoi, Vietnam. Was our first place really, but both my lads go to school in the UK now, so bought a house in Thirsk, which is our main address now.
  10. I can only guess that you prefer racecourse fillies to Asian ones...
  11. I like both ha, still working Asia, but go home to Thirsk rather than Hanoi on my leave these days, Hanoi home is for long weekends, or any short time that's not worth the hassle to fly the UK.
  12. Tbh that is probably a good enough reason not to buy abroad.
  13. SargentQ

    SargentQ Striker

    We’ve got a place in el campello just outside alicante had it for about 15 years now , Home from Home
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  14. Wicksy

    Wicksy Midfield

    We are completing next Tuesday too - have decorators going straight in then getting furnishings sorted - hopefully all ready for when we make our trip over in May
  15. humbug

    humbug Striker

    whereabouts mate?
    we're going out a couple of weeks after completion for a few days to sort a few bits and bobs out.
  16. Quench

    Quench Winger

    I’m thinking of doing the same, maybe in a couple of years. One of my daughters and a sister in law live in Cape Town. We’d probably buy along the coast, somewhere like Pringle or Betties Bay
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  17. DonkeyScabs

    DonkeyScabs Midfield

    Thanks everybody. We’ve been toying with the idea, but think long term rentals are probably a better option as you can change places every year. Also, not sure what effect Brexit is going to have on Brits living abroad.
  18. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Corruption is rife there mate. I got out with that loss But it could have been worse. Shame as the place would have been amazing.
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  19. Wicksy

    Wicksy Midfield

    Its a seaside suburb of Cape Town called Big Bay - we holiday there every year so it makes sense - and like you we intend staying there for longer as we get nearer retirement - hope all goes well for you m8
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  20. Dmac1969

    Dmac1969 Winger

    Would love one in Munich as i love the place but it’s Central London expensive so theres no chance of ever affording one.

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