Anyone own a property abroad?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by DonkeyScabs, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Mantobar

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    Could never see the point especially if you find a cracking hotel in a area you like esp with cheap flights nowadays
  2. Lambchops

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    Aye but I live here. We had some holiday apts we rented out as well but new legislation was a fuck on for the time invested against profit so we sold them a couple of year back
  3. EchoMan

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    Not telling.
  4. Tatty

    Tatty Winger

    It depends where you're asking from.
  5. Hardyman's Yugo

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    I wouldn't bother paying the water bill then
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  6. Johnap

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    Yes I did - just managed to transfer the balance as the Euro fell. Lost €40000 as the euro fell from 1.60 to 1.16. On a golf course tried to rent it out but there are thousands. We were going to go every few weeks and then the missus took ill and we had to sell up. The value went down to €70000 and I was pleased to get that.

    I might have been just unlucky but never again.
  7. Sorry to hear that mate but at least you're out of it now and with a tidy sum to play with .
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  8. 007Iron

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    Was a bit blunt, wasn't it.
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  9. bobpc30

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  10. Ludwig

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    British are they ?
  11. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    All of them yes.

    Work for dead cheap and I keep them all in a two-bed terraced house.
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  12. Ludwig

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  13. True story....
    A few years ago my cousin and her husband decided to move to Spain.
    They sold up here and thought it a good idea to drive down to save a few quid.
    On arrival at their new apartment my cousin went out to get in a few supplies, leaving Brian to unpack.
    When she returned she found him dead on the settee. Poor bugger. Canny lad anarl.
  14. mux

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    Whereas you produce and sell your own to the locals, don't you Pablo? :8:
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  15. Bob Fleming

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    I lost about £50000 cash on a place in Cyprus a few years back. Still Not Over legally either. Looked a great deal at the time .....
  16. riffraff

    riffraff Striker

    Jeez that’s awful. Truly shocking. Like summit from a book or film. Did she move back or stay there?
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  17. I lost a few grand on a place in the UAE that never got built but got it back when I sold a property in Cyprus.
    Getting sick of the UK weather so thinking about buying a cheap caravan abroad somewhere for hols.
  18. elder

    elder Striker

    my ex runs a real estate business out there, mainly selling to Brit ex-pats etc...!
  19. She's still there, took a while to get over it,but she's made a whole new life for herself.
  20. powburn red

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    Two good mates got one each Dubai and Costa Blanca respectively..we all (lads) go to play golf in c.b and the apt(superb) is only used by family and friends.....its great when someone knows best bars/eataries, where to find best music.....suppose for some down side may be getting tired of one place?both mates did homework and old saying of location location( near beach/ marina) is as good there as in uk to hopefully make good investment
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