Anyone not seen/spoken to their kids in a long time ?

I'll let you all know how it goes, hopefully well !
Fingers crossed you and your daughter can work things out and get to know each other again fella. I cant imagine how difficult things have been for you both (down to her disgraceful excuse for a mother and her lies). Hopefully your daughter has seen through that horrible bastard, good on you for filling in the blanks for her xx

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Only hear from son of 31 when there is a problem. This week 3 months behind with rent so he moves to another flat and doesn't bother telling landlady.Rent is £50 more a month at this new spot. Yours truly sorts it out with old landlady and told her to deal with it. Obviously spineless son doesn't answer phone. Council tax I assume is irrelevant. Hopefully new landlord doesn't know the history but uses a different route. I cannot find that baseball bat either. No I don't and wouldn't miss him at all but each to their own. Incidentally he has a degree BaSc, obviously in bullshit but a degree nevertheless.


Always thought couldnt wait for them to go. Ones moved cos of his job, but miss him being around. Not that i saw much of him when he was home tbf
And me leccy bill has gone down so not all bad :)
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Me da had two bairns with a lass when he was in his very early 20s, this was before he met me mother. This other wifey basically disappeared at some point taking the bairns with her. Me da never seen nor heard from them for what will have been something like almost 40 years until one of them managed to seek him out. He found out the sibling had died some years ago and they had lived abroad for most of their lives which is why he found no trace of them back in the day. He's been through some shite my old man.
Not yet no. She basically said I should explain myself. So I told her the truth. She was taken into care when she 4 cos her mum was a druggie pisshead, she had alcohol issues for years. Portsmouth Social Services thought my ex was working as a prostitute, she would pick her up from school drunk, random punters from the pub picking her up etc. She vaguely remembers bits of this, but she was too young to realise what was really happening. I have kept all the court papers, I can prove what I've told her is the truth. Her mum has spent 20 years lying to her. Finally, chickens are coming home to roost. She just said she'll reply later cos it was way too much to comprehend and take in all at once. Suddenly the lass has realised her life has been one big lie, courtesy of mummy.
All you can do is tell her the truth and let her make her own mind up.


The one lad I know who ever got sole custody of his bairn, the mother was a full blown heroin addict.
My best mate has his 2 kids because the mother fucked off to London and left them.

Which is pretty much what she did with her first kid - leaving her with her dad.
Suppose he should have seen the red flag, but nevermind.

About 3 years later, the mother starts filing court papers to get custody again, so my poor mate had to go through all the shit relating to fighting multiple court battles.

He won, although the mother does not get some, very limited, visitation rights.

I know people always think that kids are better off if they have 2 parents, but honestly, not in this case. A settled home life can be far more beneficial.