Anyone ever seen a wild adder?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by harmy, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. dom

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    I’ve seen a Pure Football thread subtracter!
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  2. elder

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    Yonks ago while still living in blighty i was chopping trees down in a forest in Dorset and had to go for a shit... wandered further off to find a secluded spot for my ablutions and as i was finishing off curling one an adder slithered passed. i followed it and it curled itself around the base of another tree... fairly surreal. it was a black'n anarl which are fairly rare(?)
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  3. El Oso

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    Just backpacking marra.
    Was away for 3 years.
    A year in Asia, a year in Oz working and a year coming home.

    Just allowed a week in Burma, 4 of got together, hired a jeep and the driver took us all over.

    It was really interesting, not too much off the beaten track, but enough, and a great way to get about.

    Paying bribes at roadblocks etc

    Whole villages waving at us as we went through.
    If we had gone by local transport, we would have had no time to see out.
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  4. lenshack

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  5. South Hylton

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    I saw one in Cornwall when I was there one summer a few year, I was only looking at the ground to see where the dog was and it was right next to her :eek: It sharp fucked off, they quite shy creatures.

    This thread got me thinking though, has anyone ever seen one of these weird critters

    Anguis fragilis - Wikipedia
  6. I’m gonna sound like a right David Attenborough but aye seen a few slow worms over the years. Up walking in the Lake District and also in the dunes at the back of the beach in Devon.
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  7. ---Nemo---

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    I haven't but on holiday in Devon in the 70's I ran away from a slow worm I'd disturbed. The two lads I was staying with were in stitches.
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  8. "two on one trip to Hamsterley Forest".
  9. niceonemarra

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    Thanks for the comprehensive comply.
  10. South Hylton

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    Never even heard of them until recently!
  11. janiep

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    Yes I think so. It was in Kent, and it was a snake, so I’m guessing an adder.
  12. lenshack

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    Nowt special about two.
    I opened a bale of hay in Sweden and a whole army came wriggling out.
    Mostly young uns. They’d been breeding or laying eggs in there.
  13. billyboy

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    Our maths teacher at school used to get a bit irate when we couldn't get our sums right! :D
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  14. lenshack

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    Was lying face down on a beach in Greece and felt something sliding across my face.
    I Couldn’t even focus on it to see what it was, till I lifted my head.
    A waiter in a nearby tavern spotted it, came running across and smashed it with a rock.
    Not a clue what it was myself, but he reckoned it was lethal. :eek:
  15. alexander

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    We have the odd hugorm at the allotments. Have been bitten twice over the years, both times my own fault, really.
  16. Patch

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    Cragside: I kicked it's f**king head in!

    I didn't really, I left it in peace as it wasn't doing me any harm.
  17. lenshack

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    Funniest thing was in Croatia where the locals warned us about Poskoks, a poisonous snake that can jump.
    Walking down a track one day and one shot out in front of my lad, only about 6 yr old at the time.
    He just froze to the spot like a pillar of salt, as it shot out and went right through between his feet before disappearing.
    He was still stood frozen to the spot, shaking like a leaf, unable to move, for quite a while after.
  18. Cheesy Feet

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    When I was working up in Fife..lads up there told me they're a common sight during the summer..couple of the lads played golf and said they see them rearing up in the rough when the sun gets out..I've not seen one like.
  19. bobpc30

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    The mountain opposite Lordenshaw hill Fort. Saw one, took a pic and left it alone.

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