Anyone been looking into this crack with Fibre?

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by PTR, Oct 23, 2018.

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    For a while now, I've looked out for articles about the microbiological make up of your gut, and a Joe Rogan video popped up for me last night on youtube.

    It was about how not having enough fibre changes your microbial (is that the word?) make up, and specifically leads to a gut that wants sugar, and leads to obesity.

    I know that studies have shown this gut make up really does make a difference, although its not yet understood enough to do much about it (other than when people have been wiped out by CDiff etc). But it made me think that adding a chunk of fibre to my diet can't be a bad thing, and could really help?

    Anyone else thought about it? Or even tried it?

    So far today I've eaten wholemeal bread and wholewheat cereal for breakfast. A veggie soup for lunch with fruit and cheese. I'm going to really try to give this a go for a few weeks/months - its a very simple change to get 20g more fibre into me each day.
  2. High calibre fibre.

    Advert from 1980s I think.

    Nowt new.
  3. PTR

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    Can't think of a reason not to eat more fibre. Everything seems to point to it being good for you, even if the point I was getting at turns out to be bollocks.

    I have massive sugar cravings, so it'll be interesting to see if that improves.

    In other news, anyone seen the studies about artificial sweetners also screwing up the gut microbes?
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  4. Marsden Mackem

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    Tend to hear a lot about microbiom on Rich Roll's podcast as well, would say if you upping fibre try and do it more with plants be heathlier than adding more processed stuff to the diet. Also adding things like Saukraut to the diet is meant to be very beneficial as well I tend to eat a bunch of that and kimchi as well, add a bit to my evening salad or kimchi to accompany a stir fry.

    Zach Bush, M.D. On Restoring Gut Health & Healing Inflammation | Rich Roll

    Live Dirty, Eat Clean: Robynne Chutkan, MD on Everything Microbiome | Rich Roll

    Dr. Rhonda Patrick On Longevity, Epigenetics & The Microbiome | Rich Roll
  5. PTR

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    Definitely not planning on doing this by eating processed stuff.

    Going to start eating proper oats for breakfast (starting by switching from instant to rolled, and might try steel cut too), more veg, fruit and nuts.

    "What if I told you that a vast number of physical maladies are caused by inflammation, the bodyʼs immune response to a multitude of stressors. The good news? If you lose the stress — hormonal, dietary, environmental, and psychological — you remove the root cause of illness."
    From that first link.
    Funny, that was on a JRE podcast I heard a while back. They were also talking about stress knacking the hormones that allow fat to be burned for energy, so stressed people crash and burn as they have no way to get energy except by eating.
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  6. jackynutmeg

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    Nowt fact all 'new' stuff isnt new.
  7. PTR

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    Certainly not suggesting its something new, just something new to me.

    Obviously I've heard about how fibre is essential for the body for years, but Id never heard of a lack of fibre changing the make up of your gut microbiome in a specific way that leads to a strong urge for sugar.

    Live Dirty, Eat Clean: Robynne Chutkan, MD on Everything Microbiome | Rich Roll
    At 1hr in

    This is earily familiar.

    You listen to podcasts like this, and think "So why isn't everyone doing this".
    (and oh my how the governments drive to lower sugar intake could backfire)

    And thats why science is so fucking hard. There's a thousand views, all based in real science. You really need to rely on impartial experts in this modern world.
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  8. Charmless Man

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    My girlfriend got her PhD through investigating how gut microflora influence inflammatory bowel disease.

    It’s an incredibly complex set of problems to tease apart, when questioning anything to do with how diet or genetics influence the microflora and then how they influence you.
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  9. The long winter nights must flyyyy by in the Charmless household ;)
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  10. Charmless Man

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    We don’t live together you absolute buffoon.
  11. PTR

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    That's exactly the impression I'm getting.

    I've got a science degree, so I'm looking at it with the eyes of a skeptic who knows he's not yet aware of all the facts.

    I don't think anyone is, actually

    I think id love to have those kinds of conversations tbh.
  12. Charmless Man

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    She still works in science.

    There always was a divide when we lived together, both interested in health and disease but I was interested in organisms which lack motile immune cells.
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  13. PTR

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    Sorry Steve, you were right
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  14. maygo

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    If I eat all bran (which I try to do every day), the next day end results are often Vesuvius- like
    Therefore eating MORE fibre probably wouldn't do me any favours
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  15. :lol:

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  16. PTR

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    Thought you'd like that

    First breakfast of rolled oats and a banana this morning. 11:50am now, not even slightly hungry.
    That's very unusual for me.
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  17. PTR

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    A week in. Trying to increase my fibre intake and I've realised I must have been well under the recommended amount until now .

    I'm shitting quite a bit mind.

    I assume it'll take a good month or so for my gut to start to change. I'm taking probiotic pills daily too (and codliver oil) to try to help - might do nowt but can't really hurt I guess.

    Rolled oats are miles better than instant porridge , no question. More filling and nicer.
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  18. Simpsyla

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    Really interesting points made about stress. I'm a type one diabetic and over the last couple of weeks I've had a situation which has caused me considerable stress. My insulin needs for the same diet, exercise regime etc. has increased by c. 20%, scary!
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  19. PTR

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    I wouldn't for a second suggest anyone has this whole thing cracked, but I think its become clear that

    1 - Its not as simple as people make out
    2 - There's definitely something in all of this, but exactly how it fits together is a long way off being known

    Hope you're feeling better soon mate.
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    Have you that's nice marra nice one.
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