Any other fans in Montréal?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by matt228, Nov 5, 2018.

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    We're discussing said incident on this other thread, though that said this thread is now effectively that now too.. Mods might merge.

    So what did I miss?

    As regards "that" thread, they tend to disappear after I think two years unless they're made "Gold" by the mods.

    Matt's confessions thread was never made "Gold" . It should have been mind.

    The SMB hive mind never forgets. ;)
  2. it certainly does, under desk fanny cam is still hoyed about every so often and that was 14 years ago :eek:
  3. Whatever happened to the other poster with a similar Matt-based user name who is always dragged into this topic?
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    Oh let's drag @Frijj in. Nee luck with the lasses so mebbies he should sample the other bus. :lol:

    I'be just noticed that Frijj's ID has been completely deactivated!!? :eek:
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    I think he was involved in a mass shooting so the cops wiped out all trace of him.
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    I came in here to recommend Degsy and the NASA lads and lasses, but I stayed for the glorious long SMB memory of foolishly-admitted bisexual misdemeanours! Class!

    Degsy will sort you out marra. Not like that mind...

    You’ll be The NASA BC rep by next week, nailed on!
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