Any book recommendations?


Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre. It's the story of a Burnopfield born, Sunderland raised WWII double agent and general scallywag.

Not sure I'd say it was amusing but 'Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World' by Mark Kurlansky is a fascinating read.
A brilliant read as is Operation Mincemeat by the same man.
Travel, cricket, footy, true crime, soul music

Just been looking into Bill Bryson following the recommendation and looks exactly what I am after
A lot of Hard Yakka by Simon Hughes
Last in the Tin Bath by David 'Bumble' Lloyd
Both books by Garry Nelson


Been some good recommendations already, I enjoyed the Miracle of Castel di Sangro. An American journalist followed a little Italian football team for a season, reckon you'll enjoy it.

'surely you're joking mr feynman' ticks both the boxes, if you like science its a bonus...
A mad scientist in the best sense, really enjoyed that book. Particularly remember the story about the safes at the Manhatten Project
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